Coffee For a Cause: Give Back with Each Cup of Coffee

Coffee For A Cause

It’s human nature to want to help someone in need, and with the after effects of COVID-19, where “100 million and 150 million individuals were pushed back into extreme poverty in 2021″, there are plenty of people who could use a a helping hand.

Thankfully, many companies and organizations actively make an effort to give back to those in need whether it be through a 5k fundraiser, matching donations, or donating a percentage of profits.

Coffee For A Cause is one of these companies whose foundation is built on giving back to those in need by helping create a solid foundation for the future.


Coffee For A Cause: A Look into the Company

Coffee For A Cause is an independent coffee company that produces, imports and distributes coffee sourced from Guatemala. Any coffee lover knows that Guatemala is one of the fantastic coffee belt countries, and thus produces some of the best coffee.

They keep great coffee simple by having five main products in which 100% of their net proceeds go to their foundation: A stronger foundation.

  • Medium roast (whole coffee beans)
  • Medium roast (ground)
  • Medium-Dark roast (whole bean)
  • Coffee gift box
  • A bag of coffee with a custom label

While some companies focus on giving back to first responders, donating to cancer research, or to a local cause, A Stronger Foundation focuses their efforts on leading

the fight for criminal legal system rebuilding. We advocate, educate and innovate around mass incarceration, probation and parole reform

The discussion around mass incarceration and the re-entry of prisoners is not a new one, though it is a very important topic to be discussing. A staggering 77% of those who were incarcerated face re-arrest within five years later after release.

Coffee For A Cause also states that

650,000 individuals are released back into society, most with very little to no resources for a truly successful re-entry

It would be difficult to say that these two statistics aren’t related at all, as ACEF states

prisoners participating in educational programs were siginificantly less like to be rearrested, reconvicted and reincarcerated.

The effects of incarceration can stretch beyond the individual who committed the crime, with the families and children also being affected.

These companies address the issues in the best way possible, with education and creating a good foundation being the number one priority.

Six More Fantastic Coffee Companies that Give Back


Don’t feel like switching to a different coffee supplier? No worries! There are so many coffee brands that give back to a variety of important causes. The six companies below are just a few examples of these.

  • Social Impact Coffee:
    •  Combining quality with sustainability, this company donates 65% of their profits to their local community and pay the farmers they source their coffee from over the fair trade wage!
  • BLQK Coffee
    • Created by former football player Justin Watson, BLQK coffee supports and donates 25% of profits to black and at risk communities
  • Ben & Jerry’s 
    • While they may not make coffee, they do produce some caffeinated ice cream that will make your taste buds dance. The Ben & Jerry’s Foundation operates mainly through providing grants around the U.S.A and Vermont specifically. They have since awarded over $50,000,000 since the creation of the foundation.
  • Starbucks
    • Yes, that’s right! Having your daily Starbucks coffee is supporting a good cause! The Starbucks Foundation helps make the world a better place through grants that promote women & girl empowerment. The foundation also helps extend access to clean water and gets involved in a variety of youth issues.

  • Dunkin Donuts
    • This iconic coffee stop has sent over 300,000 lbs of coffee overseas to active U.S. military troops in an effort to keep spirits high (and caffeine levels)
  • Bellissimo Coffee
    • Bellissimo Coffee, an Australian coffee roaster, is partnered with the Mental Awareness Foundation. Whenever you purchase a bag of their Taketime Blend, all proceeds will be dedicated to the foundation to help the fight against mental health issues.

Keep in mind that many local coffee shops also get involved with their community! If you want to make a more local impact, definitely swing by your favourite stop for a morning cup of coffee to see if they give back to the community.

Summary: Giving back with every cup of coffee!

There are so many ways to give back to the community and have a positive impact on the world we live in. If you’re reading this post, then I’m sure you’re on the right path already!

Coffee for a cause is an excellent example of how companies with a larger reach can have a big impact on an important conversation.

Some other great ways to have an amazing cup of coffee that has a positive impact:

  • Look for fair trade coffee label
    • The fair trade coffee label helps ensure that small farmers are being taken care of. It also ensures that the coffee was farmed in a sustainable way through the creation of water projects, education and more
  • Donate cups of coffee via coffee shop credits
    • Pay it forward on your next cup of coffee! A great example of this is Bean n Loaf, a cafe located in Australia.
  • Use a reuseable coffee cup
    •  Even if you’re favorite coffee stop isn’t involved in giving back to the community, you can still make an impact on the environment by reducing your waste with a reusable cup!

That’s all for today! Keep on trying to make the world a better place to live in through the things you love. Happy Procaffinating!

What’s your favorite way to give back? Comment it below!

Get a Great Deal on Travel Coffee Mugs With Your Student Discount

Between the late nights in the library and early mornings in class, having a travel mug that will keep your coffee hot for hours is ESSENTIAL  

I had a few travel mugs of my own when I was a college student, and while I loved them, they can be very expensive. Especially if you want one of the nicer mugs like one of the Yeti or Stanley tumblers.   

The issue is, no student wants to willingly spend that kind of money on something that ends up being total crap and never gets used! 

Surprisingly, not as many travel mug companies supply student discounts. Actually, only very few offer one, I found TWO during my research, how disappointing! 

SO, we are going to try and find the beautiful loopholes that exist to buy the same quality mugs but in a retail store at does have a student discount.  

Extra Notes: If you're a die-hard Amazon user, there will be additional links to all travel mugs talked about at the end of each section! Also, many of these stores offer discounts or other promo codes for all the first responders out there so take a peek even if you're not a student! 


Here are 6 Stores that YOU can use your student discount at to snatch up some of the best travel mugs but at a cheaper price 


#1: L.L. Bean: Sells Yeti: 10% off purchase, free shipping on $75+ 


One of the more well known stores out there, L.L. Bean stays fully stocked with any camping, fishing, or home decoration items you may need. They carry a variety of camping or travel mugs, especially one of my favorite brands, Yeti. 

 I personally have had a yeti and I’ve absolutely loved it as I would have hot coffee for almost too long, about 4-6 hours. 

L.L. Bean has a variety of travel tumblers, bottles, and more in all kinds of different colors ranging from $30 for an 18oz rambler to $55 for a 46oz giant. 

My only hang up with some yeti tumblers is many come with their leak proof lid, that has a silicon suctioning rubber bit (sorry that’s the only way I could think to describe it) that can be VERY difficult to get off. 

 Get this 20 oz Yeti tumbler for $38 here

So, I would recommend going slowly when taking off the lid, as I have spilled my drink on a number of occasions when trying to take it off too quickly.  

 But beyond that, yeti is an absolutely fantastic choice for a reusable coffee mug. They are easy to clean and last forever, but if your's doesn’t, they have a 3–5-year warranty so you're covered anyways!  


#2: Target:  Multiple Brands @ 20% off one purchase, free shipping on $35+ 

Okay first off, WHO KNEW. 

I would have never thought that target would have a student discount program purely because of the amount of people that flock to the store every school year.  

 But yes, the holy grail of stores has a 20% student discount waiting for you for one purchase of your choosing.  This student discount does come with a few strings attached however:   

 You must sign up for circle rewards to access it 

    • Circle rewards is the Target Reward program that is free to sign up for. It also has some other great benefits such as access to exclusive deals, birthday rewards, and more!
  • The offer is only for back-to-school times 
    •  On the target website, the offer is valid from July 16th (7/16) to August 26th (8/26). It is a bummer that you can't redeem your discount at any time during the year, but the offer is annual. This just meaning if you miss it this year, you can always try for next year! 

 Target currently carries a number of great travel coffee mugs such as: 

  • Camelbak  
  • Contigo (The stainless-steel mug option is a top pick for me) 
  •  Zojirushi   

 And many more! So, the choice is up to you on which one you want! 

Get this Contigo travel mug for $17 here! 

If you want a full travel mug breakdown, check out this guide created by good housekeeping on their favorite travel mugs. Many of the travels mugs I have used are featured on this list as well so I stand by the research!  

BONUS: you can discount stack with your student discount at Target! This means if you find another coupon you want to use, let’s say…. 50% one purchase, you can combine both the student discount AND the 50% off or get EVEN MORE OF A DISCOUNT 


#3: Fellow: 15% using student beans, free shipping on $75+ 

Firstly, what is student beans?  

Before writing this post, I unfortunately had never heard of student beans. Student Beans is a UK based company that focuses on making the student life cheaper and easier

When you go on the Student Beans website, you can scroll through a number of categories. There are so many brands paired with the company so you can see if the ones you love offer a discount code that you may not have known about!  

Overall, the website looks to be a great place to grab a promo code and save some big money.  


Now moving into Fellow...

Fellow is again, not a company I’ve ever heard of before researching for this post, but I checked out their website after finding them and I’m impressed!  

Their entire brand is dedicated to home brewing coffee and how to make a coffee lover's life easier.   

Fellow has loads of accessories and goods to help you brew better coffee, ranging from pour over equipment to containers for storing coffee beans.  

Fellow also has a number of different drinkware options for you to pick from, with their travel mugs ranging from $30-$40. The price does varies based on the mug size, model and if it is apart a specific collaboration such as the one below.  

Get the classic 16 oz travel mug for $35 here!

Some of their travel mugs also have beautiful designs on them that have been created as part of their artist series. My favorite one being is this 12oz tumbler with teal print on top of the black base or the plant themed mug below! 


The reviews on these travel mugs go above and beyond by not just talking about the ability to keep hot drinks hot and also how well these mugs keep cold drinks like your favorite iced coffee at the perfect temperature.  

 If you're looking for the perfect student gifts, fellow would also be the website to head to! They have an entire section dedicated to gifts. You can sort by the budget youre working with and can create your own custom mugs if you want it to be a bit more personalized.  

This section has pretty much just turned into me being overly excited about all of fellow's products, so I'll end this one here.

Since I haven’t actually used on of their mugs, I am solely going off presentation and reviews for this recommendation. BUT definitely be sure to check out their website, it's honestly a do not miss. 


#4 Keep Cup: 15% off Discount, free shipping on $50+ 

Keep Cup is one of the tried and true reusable cups made specifically with baristas and the café industry in mind. Originally created in Melbourne, the coffee capital of Australia, the keep cup claims to be.  

a barista standard reusable cup for people to enjoy better coffee on the go.  

Honestly, I am not 100% what the definition of “barista standard” is, but what I gather is the keep cup was specifically made for easy barista and customer use. In contrast to other travel mugs that have been created for a number of uses, Keep Cup seems to have been created for coffee drinking specifically.  

I am unsure what changes were made for this to become a more coffee friendly mug but considering the popularity, it's definitely working!  

Additionally, Keep Cup is an extremely progressive brand, being 100% women owned (always great!) and always keeping an eye on their environmental impact.  

The popular coffee mugs come in a variety of colors and sizes and are some of the most popular resuable coffee cups around the world. One of the unique things I've noticed about Keep Cups is the cork edging seen on some of the glass reusable cups.

I see cups with a silicone sleeve more frequently, but the cork used here is actually made from the "Waste of wine cork production in Portugal". How cool is that!  

Get the 12oz glass travel mug for $32 ($27 if still on sale) here!

You can get this student discount easily by entering your school email info on their site, the code will be sent straight to your email!  


#5 Kleen Kanteen: 15% discount through Student Beans 

Lastly, we have Kleen Kanteen on the list! Another Aussie based company that focuses on the health of the planet and creating fantastic reusable cups, bottles, and mugs at the same time.

The company initially started with the mission (that has since been successful) to create the 

 first stainless steel, BPA-free, reusable water bottle in 2004 because we wanted a non-toxic solution to single-use plastic water bottles 

They have since extended their reach to many more products including some fantastic coffee tumblers and travel mugs!

Get the 12oz classic black travel mug for $30 here

Kleen Kanteen sits right in the middle of the group cost wise, with the Insulated TKWide 16oz (473ml) with Café Cap sitting at $33 and the product range being around $35-$80, depending on what type of cup or set you're looking for.  

I absolutely love that they sell sets of coffee mugs and other reusable items like the one seen below. You get a fantastic deal while getting a larger variety!  If you're looking to get more than one item and want the best deal, Kleen Kanteen would be the brand to go with! 


Final Thoughts on The Best Student Discounts for Travel Mugs 

Although I can personally vouch for both Yeti and Contigo, the decision on which reusable cup you think is best is completely up to you! Whether you're buying someone the perfect gift or keeping it for yourself, keep in mind these important factors such as 

  • how easy it will be to clean (I have found that mugs with a slider lid can be more difficult to clean as liquid gets easily trapped in the sliding area) 
  • spillage potential  
  • how easy it may break (I stay away from ceramic & glass travel mugs for this reason specifically) 

when choosing your travel mug so you can get the most use out of it!

An extra money saving bonus is at many cafes, you will get a discount for bringing your own cup/mug! It may only be $0.50 but it adds up when you're getting a coffee per day!

BTW: if you're thinking of studying or working in a café, check out this blog post on why you might actually be more productive working at a cafe!

Here are some additional resources to help guide your travel cup picking journey if you want more specifics on how each cup performs   

But for now, that’s all I have for you!  

Study hard and Happy Procaffinating 

Jackolantern sitting in a spooky halloween setting

21 Coffee Mugs to Get Your Coffee Bar Ready For Halloween

Halloween is slowly approaching but it’s never too early to start decorating your house, or coffee bar in this case!

This post will go through 21 awesome Halloween themed mugs that I think would look stunning in your at home coffee bar.

Before getting into the goods, there is a little background on my interactions with the die-hard spooky community and what I love about them, but if you’re not interested in that, scroll on down to the first category!

My Spooky Community Introduction

A few years ago during covid, I got into the beanie baby trading industry in an attempt to raise money to go on a trip to Canada.

I learned a few things during this period in my life, the first being that beanie babies can actually be worth some money.

Maybe not as much as all the clickbait articles say, but I made around $1,000 selling them in total so they’re definitely worth something

The second thing I learned was about the Halloween and Spooky Community.

I have NEVER met a group of people, who go so hard, all year round for their favorite holiday.

And I admire it. SO MUCH.

I absolutely loved Halloween growing up.

My dad, siblings and I would decorate the whole outside of the house and come up with ways for my dad to hide and scare the other trick or treaters.

It was the full deal, dry ice, smoke machine and all.

But unfortunately, as we grew up and time went on, we stopped decorating and going all out and it’s something I actually miss a good amount.

So, in honor of all of the die hard Halloween fans out there, I am creating a multi-part blog that will give you a full breakdown of the products I think would be a killer addition to your at home coffee set up.

Whether you’re full on and have a espresso machine with the milk steamer or if you are living more like me with a jar of instant coffee, there should be something for everyone to help spookify your house for the upcoming Halloween season (and let’s be honest for the rest of the year as well)

Coffee Mugs Galore

We’re starting off with the absolute staple of any coffee bar or any home really

I don’t think anyone can argue with the fact that when you drink out of a coffee mug that you LOVE, it just makes the morning (or anytime) 10x better (as discussed in this article here)

Since there is an ENORMOUS amount of coffee mugs out there, this first part of the series will also be divided into 4 themes

Horror Movies

Hocus Pocus (obviously this movie deservers it’s own section)

Thermal or Color Changing Mugs

Classic Halloween Mugs

There will be many more themes covered in future portions of the series such as starbucks tumblers, comedy, and more, so see the end of this blog on ways to stay updated on future posts!

Horror Movies

I don’t mind a good horror movie when it comes to the classics like the Halloween series

But once you step into paranormal horror movies or psychological thrillers…..

I’m out, no thank you, I just can’t cope with the thought that something out of The Conjuring could potentially happen to me

But in case you are much braver than myself and could watch horror movies all day long, these are for you!

“Just A Girl Who Loves Horror Movies”

A.K.A you’re not me

Get it here!

“The one where Pennywise and Jason are friends”

Pro Tip: The next time you get scared during a horror movie just picture the characters living out one of the iconic friends’ episodes

Get it here!

“Pennywise From IT”

Bring Pennywise to life with this thermal mug, changing from all black to this spooky face when hot!

Get it here!

“Friday The 13th”

If you’re a fan of this movie but don’t exactly want Jason’s face in your kitchen, check out this much cuter version here

Get it here!

“Serial Killers Galore”

Fun Fact: There are 5 famous Serial Killers including Jeffree Dahmer that are from Wisconsin, the same state as me! How lovely.

Get it here!

“Finally Caught”

If you and your best friends are all a little crazy deep down, this set of 3 mugs might be the perfect way to commemorate the friendship


Get it here!

Hocus Pocus

This absolute staple for any Halloween movie night initially came out in 1993 but recently had a remake (which if you’re reading this blog you’ve probably seen) that was released in September (2022)

If you’re a die hard Sanderson Sister, you’ll love these!

“Sanderson Sisters Broomstick Co.”

It’s always great to support a small business, right?

Get it here!

“Our Favorite Cat Binx”

Hocus Pocus Fun Fact: The voice of Thackery a.k.a Binx is NOT the actors voice! According to this LifeSavvy article, the role was technically played by two people. Sean Murray was the actor but the voice behind it all was Jason Marsden!

Get it here!

“Sick of Morning”

The amount of people I could give this one too…

Cheers to all the anti-morning people out there

Get it here!

“It’s Just A Bunch Of Hocus Pocus”

Combine your groovy and spooky sides with this colorful travel mug!

This is by far one of my favorites in this section

Get it here!

“A Color Changing Cauldron”

Bring home actual magic with this stunning COLOR CHANGING Cauldron

Bonus: It has a spoon! It’s the little things.

Get it here!

“Sanderson Squad Goals”

Another awesome set of coffee mugs to add to your collection!


Get it here!

Thermal & Color Changing Mugs

You’re really getting a 2 for 1 deal with these mugs

They’re like those shirts we got on vacations as kids that would change color in the sun, you know the ones

“A Starry Eyed Feline”

Change your cat from black to space colors with this mug (no shade to the black cats out there, we love you!)

Get it here!

“Would You Like Some Boo-Long Tea?”

This is for all the tea lovers out there, you don’t need to be a coffee connoisseur to enjoy a good mug!

Pro Tip: If you love tea, check out this blog here!

Get it here!

“A Gory Start To The Morning”

Just like those awesome color changing bloody bath mats we’ve all seen online, this mug brings a bit of gore to your morning

Get it here!

Classic Halloween Mugs

We are taking it back to the basics with these ones, from pumpkins to cute halloween sets, these are perfect if you want to join in on the halloween fun without all the horror and gore

“A Ghosty Friendship”

Honestly what’s Halloween without including a seeing a good Jacko lantern?

Get it here!

“Vintage Whistling Ghost”

Even though this mug may not be very spooky, there’s something about the vintage feeling that makes it a must have!

Get it here!

“A Black Cat Best Friend”

See I told you we dont shade the black cats!

This large 15 oz mug (with an adorable top) is perfect for those who need allllll the coffee in the morning

Get it here!

“Double Double Toil and Trouble”

Who knew that Shakespeare was responsible for creating these iconic lines? (Not me clearly)

Get it here!

“A Classic Rustic Set”

I can just picture these mugs sitting on a rustic wooden coffee bar

This set of 4 perfectly represents the Halloween spirit we all grew up with!

Get it here!

“A Nightmare Before Christmas”

Although Jack and Sally may have their own section in future parts of this ultimate Halloween blog, I had to include this set in the classic as the movie has become an ultimate staple for both children and adults


Get it here!

Well, that’s all for the first (but definitely not last) portion of the ultimate Halloween coffee bar series!

There is much more to come (including many MANY more mugs and tumblers) so make sure to follow along by checking out the Procaffinator Instagram for updates


by signing up for the Procaffinator email list (which should be getting added soon!)

Want more inspiration for your home coffee bar? Check out these blogs!

  • Rebekah Dempsey’s article covers the in’s and out’s of having an at home coffee bar such as where to put it in your house, storage, and more!
  • Alternative Brewing dives into how to pick the best coffee machine for you and gets into their best picks
  • You can also check out my other post on 7 adorable mugs for animal lovers

I hope you can use some of these mugs to upgrade your coffee bar for Halloween!

Drop a comment to share your favorite coffee bar item!

As an Amazon affiliate, I receive compensation if you decide to purchase through some of the links in this post

10 Must Attend Coffee Events in the Milwaukee Area for 2023

If you’re are in the United States right now, summer is currently upon you!

Thus it is the time for festivals and events galore.

From food festivals to music festivals there’s something for everyone, including coffee lovers!

This blog post will dive into 10 coffee related events happening in Milwaukee, Madison, and Chicago for the summer and fall of 2023!

10 Coffee Events For 2023 Happening in Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago and Surrounding Areas:

Colectivo’s Back Room – Milwaukee – A Variety of Dates

Colectivo’s back room series is a fantastic idea. If youre not from the area, colectivo is a very well known coffee chain (don’t think Starbucks chain but more like a local place that has a few other locations).

They have a variety of delicious drinks and fantastic food at all locations, but that the prospect locust on in Milwaukee, they also have a cozy back room where local or up and coming musicians play! 

These mini concerts take place almost everyday, and would be perfect for a chill night out in the summer.  Be sure to check the website for specific dates and times and maybe you’ll find an artist that you love on the lineup!

Cars and coffee – Madison – A Variety of Dates

Similar to Colectivo’s back room events, cars & coffee is a reoccuring event throughout the entire year taking place every Sunday in Madison. This event also occurs in a number of cities so if you’re not located in Madison but won’t to go, head to the website here and see if there’s one closer to you.

Cars & Coffee is an event that would perfect for (obviously) those who love cars and want to meet new people. According to a Reddit post, when the weather is nice and during the busier times, the event can bring in even 200 cars.

Additionally, the main meeting point in Madison is at a Barriques coffee shop, which is a go to coffee shop for many people. 

Get roasted: Brew and Brunch – Chicago – June 4th

If you’re going to pick an event of this list to be boujee with… this is the one. This is event is full on! Complete with a DJ and everything.

You can get the in-depth in’s and out’s of the event here but you will be immersing yourself into the world of speciality coffee with owners of Big Shoulders Coffee guiding you along your boujee journey.

Additionally, you will be leaving with a bag of Big Shoulders Coffee to make at home, and you’ll be getting brunch AND beer! If you’re from the Midwest (especially Wisconsin) the presence of beer in this kind of event makes total sense.

Latte Art Class – Chicago – June 16th 

If you’ve dreamed about creating latte art similar to the ones you see on Instagram (like these ones here) check out this latte art class. You’ll learn all the basics such as how to steam milk correctly and you’re able to drink all of your beautiful creations at the end!

DIY coffee table – Waukesha – June 17

Perfect for your own home or someone else’s, you can make your own coffee table at this workshop by Fisk Avenue. We all know that a quality wood table is hard to come by, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to have something special by the end of class.

Sign up through eventbrite here

BONUS: if you want a (not so) classy summer themed coffee cup to put on your new coffee table, check this one out! 

Coffee cup making class – Madison – July 8th

If you’ve read my previous post on animal coffee cups (if not check it out here!) I love an adorable coffee mug. It just adds another positive thing to start your day with and who doesn’t need that.

With a 3 hr coffee cup making course, located in Madison, you can create your own! After a mildly scarring experience creating an extremely questionable mug for my dad when I was younger, I have accepted I do not have the artistic abilities to create something I want to drink out of, but YOU might.

All the juicy details are here!

If the price tag (around $89) is a bit steep for you, check out Fired Up Pottery in Madison. They create the pottery and all you have to do is paint away!

Coffee break festival –

Stoughton – Aug 19

If you love coffee and your friends or family don’t – GO HERE. I struggle to say it’s a coffee festival since there is so much going on!

The main coffee event is a coffee brew off (so if you’re a killer coffee maker – enter! Bring pride to your family name) but they also have another car show, arts and crafts, tons of food and more to keep everyone happy.

Check out the website here for more details!

Cafè Con Arte – Milwaukee – September 8

Coffee… art… AND CHURROS. Even though this blog is a loud coffee… I think the main reason to visit this event is the churros let’s be honest.

Joking aside, cafè con arte at Latino Arts, INC in Milwaukee is having an art showing where you can stroll and look at the exhibits while enjoying a churro and a cup of coffee.

The event takes place in the morning, ending at 10:30 am, and honestly can you imagine a better start to your day?

Barista league – Milwaukee – October 21

Located in Milwaukee, this is an event I’m extremely excited to attend this year!  Unlike the other events on this list, the barista league is a competition where you can see baristas compete on who can do the best latte art.

According to the website it also might have a kick-ass party so you can get caffeinated during the day to stay up and party later!

In the future:

As I’m writing this in late May, some awesome events have already gone by! So keep out for these awesome events in 2024!

Coffee and Donut Fest Milwaukee:

I’m so sad I didn’t know about this. I honestly don’t think you can top a festival like this. Coffee and donuts are a pair for the ages and you essentially go around sampling both during this festival.

If you’re interested in becoming a VID (very important donut) you will receive 12 sampling tickets, an extra hour of sampling, a coffee mug and more! Check out the website for the 2023 event here to prepare for next year!

10 Instagrams To Follow If You Love Latte Art

Nothing makes a cup of coffee better than having some iconic latte art in your cup.

These 10 Instagram accounts will fulfill your your aesthetic latte art needs even when you’re not having a cup of coffee.

You may even pick up some tips to try on your own along the way!



You’ll find latte art ranging from basic tulip designs to complex colorful creations on this Instagram page. Consistent latte art posts will always keep your home page picture perfect.


Coming in with 148,000 followers is Coffee Momentss. Their page is filled with some impresso latte art and some smoothing espresso drip close ups. If you’re a fan of their work, they have links in the bio so you add all the gear they use to your own collection.


In a truly unique Instagram, this barista from Japan combines the love of coffee and birds. You will find this page filled with remarkably accurate latte art depicting of a variety of colorful birds along with some of the more classic designs. I can only imagine the time and practice it takes to get to this level.


This coffee stand is location just outside of Tokyo, Japan and has some of the most impressive latte art I know of: 3D latte art. Ranging from animals to Mario or Pokémon characters, this latte art is in completely different realm of its own. This spot will definitely being going on my list of cafés to visit.


Boasting 125,000 followers and the title of Tokyo’s 2016 Coffee Fest Latte Art Champion, Chris Lin can definitely be classified as a latte art master. You’ll get glimpses into his life in Japan while also getting some tips on perfecting your latte art designs with his short tutorials on reels.


This Instagram features the in’s and outs of making a quality cup of coffee, from how to properly clean your milk steamer wand to learning how to do specific latte art designs. If you’re interested in becoming a better barista, this account is a must.
I’m not sure how good a Parmesan martini would taste but it’s something definitely have to try now!






This Korean barista showcases his latte art skills at 6xsCoffee shop located in Los Angeles, California. You'll find many pouring videos on his feed along with some intricate and gorgeous designs. Unlike some of the other Instagram accounts on this list, barista_wonki has around 2,000 followers so give this talented barista a follow and support a small account! You can also check out the cafe's Instagram @6xscoffee to see more satisfying photos of drinks and to check out some of the cool glassware they sell!


This Chinese barista (AND the latte art champion in 2017, 2018, and 2020) produces some INTENSE latte art. Almost every cup on his page is a masterpiece ranging from lions and camels to even a centaur. It's clear why barista_fan has been so successful in Latte Art Competitions and this page is definitely worth looking at.

Additionally, if you're located in China, Barista_fan offers a variety of training (latte art, brewing, and barista training) through WOOW Barista Academy, so you could potentially learn from the master himself!


If you want to keep it simple and not add too many followers to your Instagram, you should follow this account. ‘Best of latte art’ posts all of these great latte art reels all one spot so you’ll have the best variety of latte art hit your feed!


7 Adorable Coffee Mugs For Animal Lovers



We all have our favorite animals, some have them as pets while others can only go see them in the wild.

I think as coffee lovers we can all appreciate that drinking coffee out of an adorable mug brings a bit more happiness to the morning. One of my favorites is the mug below with a mini giraffe in the middle from Pier 1 Imports. 

Therefore, today I will be covering 7 adorable animal coffee mugs that would be perfect for you or for someone in your life (in no particular order). Be warned, it’s hard to go back to normal mugs after collecting a few of these!

(See is this not the cutest thing ever)

#1: Cow in the Middle

After buying my giraffe mug, these mini animal mugs became a personal favorite.So to start this list, we have the “cow in the middle” mug. This adorable one I found on Amazon here has this cute cow inside, that will peek out whenever your drink gets low enough. The brand, DIHO Kitchen, has a number of other animals like rabbits, foxes, pandas, and so on.

This  company has another fantastic mug featured on this list and in general a pretty extensive store front so even if you’re not a fan of this mug (though I can’t think of why you wouldn’t be) be sure to check out their Amazon Storefront to see the other cool products they have.

#2: Just a sloth hanging out

Up next is for all the sloth lovers out there, this adorable mug has the sloth hanging over the side as you can see. You really can’t start your day on a bad notes with this coffee mug in your hands and the message that it’s alright to just do nothing sometimes. BONUS: they have a killer 40% off discount on this mug at the moment so be sure to check it out!

#3: The iconic MILF mug.

Next on the list is the “Man I love frogs” coffee mug. Perfect for both our MILF lovers and our frog lovers. Out of all the mugs on this list, I would probably get this one for a number of my friends purely because it says MILF, so maybe grab this item if you’re looking for a great gag gift as well.



#4: “Fetch This” dog mug

Following our MILF mug is the classy “fetch this” coffee mug. Perfect for your dog loving friends and family. This is my #1 Top pick out of these 7 mugs and it’s the perfect birthday gift, Christmas gift, or really best gift for any kind of occasion. You really can’t go wrong with giving someone the gift of getting flipped off by a dog.


#5: Full Setup Animal Mug

Most significantly, we have another mug by DIHO, these adorable mugs come with a lid and spoon and feature either a dog or cat sitting on the side of the mug. Perfect for someone who loves a classier looking mug with a full setup. As I said before the DIHO store on Amazon just has so many cool products that you have to check it out if your like the style of these mugs.


#6: Farm Metal Cups Set

For number six we are cruising into the more rustic theme with this farm animal set of 4 metal mugs.

Absolutely perfect for camping or everyday use, but especially those who love an everyday animal like a pig or a cow. I think these would also be great for people like myself who like eating a number of things like soup out of mugs, the only con I can think of is that since they’re metal, you can’t throw them in the microwave to reheat the contents.


#7: “Como Te Llama” Mug

Lastly but certainly not least, we have our beautiful llama mug. Honestly, It’s just ann adorable mug that contains 18 oz of drink, which is honestly a pretty solid amount considering a lot of cafes have their large coffees set at 12-14 oz. Similar to DIHO, this storefront has a ton of great options to check out even if you’re not after a Llama mug.





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5 Beautiful Starbucks To Add To Your US Bucket List

Even if you’re not the biggest Starbucks fan like me, these 5 beautiful Starbucks locations in the United States are worthy of anyone’s road-trip stops.

#1: Ketchum Idaho - 491 Sun Valley Rd, Ketchum, ID

This Idaho Starbucks is #1 on my list because the outside is unlike any other location! The massive logs framing the building in the front immediately give off the cozy cabin feeling (especially when lit up with fairy lights!) which honestly is really what we all want out of a coffee shop.

The store has beautiful mountain views as well, and is extremely praised by hundreds of people who have visited.

This Starbucks looks right out of a hallmark movie during winter, and is mentioned as one of the top Starbucks to visit in the WORLD on many lists definitely making it worth a visit.


#2 Austin, Texas- 301 W 3rd Street, Austin, TX

This is a Starbucks that is filled with character, designed to represent the huge music industry in Austin, Texas.

You can find local artwork, microphone chandeliers, and other musical instruments implemented throughout the space (even speakers integrated into the ceilings!).

The reviews boast of friendly and caring baristas and an extremely comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. A perfect stop if you’re in town for any of their many music festivals and need a pick me up or hangover cure.




#3: The First ASL signing Starbucks- 625 H St NE B, Washington, DC

This Starbucks I initially loved for the eye mural located inside, BUT what makes it worthy of a top 5 list is the fact that is it the first American Sign Language (ASL) Starbucks in the US!

The employees are required to know ASL in order to cater to a wider customer base that is fully inclusive.

Even the gorgeous mural and coffee cup art have been created by deaf artists, Yogiao Wang and Jena Floyd, respectively. So if you are fancying a coffee and want to support inclusivity by learning their sign of the day, this is a great stop!


#4 Blaine Washington

Lighthouse- 530 Peace Portal Dr, Blaine, WA

This is probably one of the cutest Starbucks I came across in my research, it truly has it all.

Located near the US-Canada border (aka a perfect stop for an international roadtrip) this Starbucks is modeled after a historic lighthouse, and not only has an outdoor fireplace but also a stunning spiral staircase going up towards the top of the lighthouse.

Although the lighthouse itself is not open to the public to my knowledge, this Starbucks seems the perfect location to relax and cozy up while enjoying some views of Blaine harbor.

#5 Starbucks Reserve Roasteries (NYC and Chicago)

- 61 9th Ave, New York, NY & 646 Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL              


Two final additions to the list that I am grouping into one spot are two of the SIX reserve roasteries (roasters?) located in the world. There is another located in Seattle, but since one Washington location is on this list already. we will focus on the other two.

One of these roasteries is located in beautiful Chicago on the magnificent mile, while the other is located in New York City.

Stopping at one of these, or both, locations will let you dive deeper into Starbucks beverages, as they are a major step beyond the Starbucks you are familiar with. So even if you’re not a fan of your neighborhood Starbucks, still swing by as you might change your mind.

These gorgeous buildings are absolutely massive (we’re talking 23,000 square feet in NYC!) and from experience I know the one in Chicago has an escalator taking you from floor to floor, where each floor has a different drink theme or purpose. This location boasts four different drink menus in total, one for each floor.

At both locations you can book private tours of the roastery itself to see how this famous coffee is made, as well as booking tastings to learn about espresso and different brewing methods.

There are many more fun things that these locations have to offer so I urge you visit these locations in person to get the full experience!

Honorable Mentions:

#6 French Quarter Apothecary

I unfortunately wrote this recommendation before realizing this location had closed due to safety concerns, but regardless it deserves a spot on the list due to its magnificence.

Similar to the other Starbucks on this list, this location in iconic New Orleans, Louisiana, is filled with art and character, even more than I initially thought.

This location in the French quarter features sculptures on the ceilings by local artist, David Borgerding, as well as murals, community tables, and a number of vintage additions that tie into New Orleans history.

Honestly, it seems there’s so much that goes into this Starbucks location that genuinely you had to see for yourself.

#7 Griffith Observatory- 2720 Griffith Park Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

Griffith observatory is a fantastic trip on its own if you’re in LA, though be prepared to fight over your parking spot as it gets crazy busy!But this Starbucks is a must stop at if you love the coffee shop chain and also are a fan of astronomy.

A massive constellation mural fills one of the main walls, making it the perfect spot for taking photos with your new Griffith Observatory Starbucks cup.

Bitter Suite Coffee: A Hidden Gem for Coffee Lovers and Foodies

I am currently at the “Bitter Suite Cafe & Wine Bar” in probably one of the smallest towns I will ever live in, Gunnedah, NSW in Australia!

In a few months I will be back to being based in the USA but for now I am finishing up my Australian travels.

I am so happy that this cafe is going to be my first review. I was a bit hesitant to choose it over the other cafes in the area since the words “wine bar” typically mean more expensive, but it did not disappoint.

While the pricing and the coffee itself is pretty on par with other cafes, what makes this cafe stand out is the amount of personality contained in such a small area.

All of the seating is technically outdoors but under a covered greenhouse like ceiling so dining is still possible in rainier weather. This type of ceiling also creates the perfect natural lighting for your morning excursion.

The outdoor setup of the cafe also helps keep the volume at a reasonable level. Even with some music from the inside ordering area, and a fairly packed outside, maybe with around 20 people, the environment was still relaxing and could be an easy location to get work done if that’s what you’re here for.

The entirety of the beams connected to the ceiling have a variety of items hanging from them, ranging from potted plants to chandeliers and disco balls.

Even the table numbers have personality as they are uno cards glued to old tin containers.

The seating is very straight forward with basic tables and metal chairs for some. The cafe has also incorporated 2 couches and some smaller tables with mosaic tops in the back seating area.


Overall, this cafe I’m sure will be my favorite in this small town. The chaotic yet extremely green environment coupled with a nice breeze and sunlight creates the perfect stop for the morning.

Additionally, the size of the mug of coffee I received was substantially larger than other cafes I have went to. So you are getting a good value for the amount you are paying. The food also held up its send of the bargain with a deliciously soft sourdough bread and tomato relish being featured on the big breaky.

If for some reason you find yourself near Gunnedah in NSW, I would recommend stopping for a cup of coffee or some food!



Coffee ordered: A (surprisingly large) mug of flat white & a big breaky

Paid: A$28.50

Time Spent: 45 min-1 hour