Coffee For A Cause

It’s human nature to want to help someone in need, and with the after effects of COVID-19, where “100 million and 150 million individuals were pushed back into extreme poverty in 2021″, there are plenty of people who could use a a helping hand.

Thankfully, many companies and organizations actively make an effort to give back to those in need whether it be through a 5k fundraiser, matching donations, or donating a percentage of profits.

Coffee For A Cause is one of these companies whose foundation is built on giving back to those in need by helping create a solid foundation for the future.


Coffee For A Cause: A Look into the Company

Coffee For A Cause is an independent coffee company that produces, imports and distributes coffee sourced from Guatemala. Any coffee lover knows that Guatemala is one of the fantastic coffee belt countries, and thus produces some of the best coffee.

They keep great coffee simple by having five main products in which 100% of their net proceeds go to their foundation: A stronger foundation.

  • Medium roast (whole coffee beans)
  • Medium roast (ground)
  • Medium-Dark roast (whole bean)
  • Coffee gift box
  • A bag of coffee with a custom label

While some companies focus on giving back to first responders, donating to cancer research, or to a local cause, A Stronger Foundation focuses their efforts on leading

the fight for criminal legal system rebuilding. We advocate, educate and innovate around mass incarceration, probation and parole reform

The discussion around mass incarceration and the re-entry of prisoners is not a new one, though it is a very important topic to be discussing. A staggering 77% of those who were incarcerated face re-arrest within five years later after release.

Coffee For A Cause also states that

650,000 individuals are released back into society, most with very little to no resources for a truly successful re-entry

It would be difficult to say that these two statistics aren’t related at all, as ACEF states

prisoners participating in educational programs were siginificantly less like to be rearrested, reconvicted and reincarcerated.

The effects of incarceration can stretch beyond the individual who committed the crime, with the families and children also being affected.

These companies address the issues in the best way possible, with education and creating a good foundation being the number one priority.

Six More Fantastic Coffee Companies that Give Back


Don’t feel like switching to a different coffee supplier? No worries! There are so many coffee brands that give back to a variety of important causes. The six companies below are just a few examples of these.

  • Social Impact Coffee:
    •  Combining quality with sustainability, this company donates 65% of their profits to their local community and pay the farmers they source their coffee from over the fair trade wage!
  • BLQK Coffee
    • Created by former football player Justin Watson, BLQK coffee supports and donates 25% of profits to black and at risk communities
  • Ben & Jerry’s 
    • While they may not make coffee, they do produce some caffeinated ice cream that will make your taste buds dance. The Ben & Jerry’s Foundation operates mainly through providing grants around the U.S.A and Vermont specifically. They have since awarded over $50,000,000 since the creation of the foundation.
  • Starbucks
    • Yes, that’s right! Having your daily Starbucks coffee is supporting a good cause! The Starbucks Foundation helps make the world a better place through grants that promote women & girl empowerment. The foundation also helps extend access to clean water and gets involved in a variety of youth issues.

  • Dunkin Donuts
    • This iconic coffee stop has sent over 300,000 lbs of coffee overseas to active U.S. military troops in an effort to keep spirits high (and caffeine levels)
  • Bellissimo Coffee
    • Bellissimo Coffee, an Australian coffee roaster, is partnered with the Mental Awareness Foundation. Whenever you purchase a bag of their Taketime Blend, all proceeds will be dedicated to the foundation to help the fight against mental health issues.

Keep in mind that many local coffee shops also get involved with their community! If you want to make a more local impact, definitely swing by your favourite stop for a morning cup of coffee to see if they give back to the community.

Summary: Giving back with every cup of coffee!

There are so many ways to give back to the community and have a positive impact on the world we live in. If you’re reading this post, then I’m sure you’re on the right path already!

Coffee for a cause is an excellent example of how companies with a larger reach can have a big impact on an important conversation.

Some other great ways to have an amazing cup of coffee that has a positive impact:

  • Look for fair trade coffee label
    • The fair trade coffee label helps ensure that small farmers are being taken care of. It also ensures that the coffee was farmed in a sustainable way through the creation of water projects, education and more
  • Donate cups of coffee via coffee shop credits
    • Pay it forward on your next cup of coffee! A great example of this is Bean n Loaf, a cafe located in Australia.
  • Use a reuseable coffee cup
    •  Even if you’re favorite coffee stop isn’t involved in giving back to the community, you can still make an impact on the environment by reducing your waste with a reusable cup!

That’s all for today! Keep on trying to make the world a better place to live in through the things you love. Happy Procaffinating!

What’s your favorite way to give back? Comment it below!