Halloween is slowly approaching but it’s never too early to start decorating your house, or coffee bar in this case!

This post will go through 21 awesome Halloween themed mugs that I think would look stunning in your at home coffee bar.

Before getting into the goods, there is a little background on my interactions with the die-hard spooky community and what I love about them, but if you’re not interested in that, scroll on down to the first category!

My Spooky Community Introduction

A few years ago during covid, I got into the beanie baby trading industry in an attempt to raise money to go on a trip to Canada.

I learned a few things during this period in my life, the first being that beanie babies can actually be worth some money.

Maybe not as much as all the clickbait articles say, but I made around $1,000 selling them in total so they’re definitely worth something

The second thing I learned was about the Halloween and Spooky Community.

I have NEVER met a group of people, who go so hard, all year round for their favorite holiday.

And I admire it. SO MUCH.

I absolutely loved Halloween growing up.

My dad, siblings and I would decorate the whole outside of the house and come up with ways for my dad to hide and scare the other trick or treaters.

It was the full deal, dry ice, smoke machine and all.

But unfortunately, as we grew up and time went on, we stopped decorating and going all out and it’s something I actually miss a good amount.

So, in honor of all of the die hard Halloween fans out there, I am creating a multi-part blog that will give you a full breakdown of the products I think would be a killer addition to your at home coffee set up.

Whether you’re full on and have a espresso machine with the milk steamer or if you are living more like me with a jar of instant coffee, there should be something for everyone to help spookify your house for the upcoming Halloween season (and let’s be honest for the rest of the year as well)

Coffee Mugs Galore

We’re starting off with the absolute staple of any coffee bar or any home really

I don’t think anyone can argue with the fact that when you drink out of a coffee mug that you LOVE, it just makes the morning (or anytime) 10x better (as discussed in this article here)

Since there is an ENORMOUS amount of coffee mugs out there, this first part of the series will also be divided into 4 themes

Horror Movies

Hocus Pocus (obviously this movie deservers it’s own section)

Thermal or Color Changing Mugs

Classic Halloween Mugs

There will be many more themes covered in future portions of the series such as starbucks tumblers, comedy, and more, so see the end of this blog on ways to stay updated on future posts!

Horror Movies

I don’t mind a good horror movie when it comes to the classics like the Halloween series

But once you step into paranormal horror movies or psychological thrillers…..

I’m out, no thank you, I just can’t cope with the thought that something out of The Conjuring could potentially happen to me

But in case you are much braver than myself and could watch horror movies all day long, these are for you!

“Just A Girl Who Loves Horror Movies”

A.K.A you’re not me

Get it here!

“The one where Pennywise and Jason are friends”

Pro Tip: The next time you get scared during a horror movie just picture the characters living out one of the iconic friends’ episodes

Get it here!

“Pennywise From IT”

Bring Pennywise to life with this thermal mug, changing from all black to this spooky face when hot!

Get it here!

“Friday The 13th”

If you’re a fan of this movie but don’t exactly want Jason’s face in your kitchen, check out this much cuter version here

Get it here!

“Serial Killers Galore”

Fun Fact: There are 5 famous Serial Killers including Jeffree Dahmer that are from Wisconsin, the same state as me! How lovely.

Get it here!

“Finally Caught”

If you and your best friends are all a little crazy deep down, this set of 3 mugs might be the perfect way to commemorate the friendship


Get it here!

Hocus Pocus

This absolute staple for any Halloween movie night initially came out in 1993 but recently had a remake (which if you’re reading this blog you’ve probably seen) that was released in September (2022)

If you’re a die hard Sanderson Sister, you’ll love these!

“Sanderson Sisters Broomstick Co.”

It’s always great to support a small business, right?

Get it here!

“Our Favorite Cat Binx”

Hocus Pocus Fun Fact: The voice of Thackery a.k.a Binx is NOT the actors voice! According to this LifeSavvy article, the role was technically played by two people. Sean Murray was the actor but the voice behind it all was Jason Marsden!

Get it here!

“Sick of Morning”

The amount of people I could give this one too…

Cheers to all the anti-morning people out there

Get it here!

“It’s Just A Bunch Of Hocus Pocus”

Combine your groovy and spooky sides with this colorful travel mug!

This is by far one of my favorites in this section

Get it here!

“A Color Changing Cauldron”

Bring home actual magic with this stunning COLOR CHANGING Cauldron

Bonus: It has a spoon! It’s the little things.

Get it here!

“Sanderson Squad Goals”

Another awesome set of coffee mugs to add to your collection!


Get it here!

Thermal & Color Changing Mugs

You’re really getting a 2 for 1 deal with these mugs

They’re like those shirts we got on vacations as kids that would change color in the sun, you know the ones

“A Starry Eyed Feline”

Change your cat from black to space colors with this mug (no shade to the black cats out there, we love you!)

Get it here!

“Would You Like Some Boo-Long Tea?”

This is for all the tea lovers out there, you don’t need to be a coffee connoisseur to enjoy a good mug!

Pro Tip: If you love tea, check out this blog here!

Get it here!

“A Gory Start To The Morning”

Just like those awesome color changing bloody bath mats we’ve all seen online, this mug brings a bit of gore to your morning

Get it here!

Classic Halloween Mugs

We are taking it back to the basics with these ones, from pumpkins to cute halloween sets, these are perfect if you want to join in on the halloween fun without all the horror and gore

“A Ghosty Friendship”

Honestly what’s Halloween without including a seeing a good Jacko lantern?

Get it here!

“Vintage Whistling Ghost”

Even though this mug may not be very spooky, there’s something about the vintage feeling that makes it a must have!

Get it here!

“A Black Cat Best Friend”

See I told you we dont shade the black cats!

This large 15 oz mug (with an adorable top) is perfect for those who need allllll the coffee in the morning

Get it here!

“Double Double Toil and Trouble”

Who knew that Shakespeare was responsible for creating these iconic lines? (Not me clearly)

Get it here!

“A Classic Rustic Set”

I can just picture these mugs sitting on a rustic wooden coffee bar

This set of 4 perfectly represents the Halloween spirit we all grew up with!

Get it here!

“A Nightmare Before Christmas”

Although Jack and Sally may have their own section in future parts of this ultimate Halloween blog, I had to include this set in the classic as the movie has become an ultimate staple for both children and adults


Get it here!

Well, that’s all for the first (but definitely not last) portion of the ultimate Halloween coffee bar series!

There is much more to come (including many MANY more mugs and tumblers) so make sure to follow along by checking out the Procaffinator Instagram for updates


by signing up for the Procaffinator email list (which should be getting added soon!)

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I hope you can use some of these mugs to upgrade your coffee bar for Halloween!

Drop a comment to share your favorite coffee bar item!

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