Even if you’re not the biggest Starbucks fan like me, these 5 beautiful Starbucks locations in the United States are worthy of anyone’s road-trip stops.

#1: Ketchum Idaho – 491 Sun Valley Rd, Ketchum, ID

This Idaho Starbucks is #1 on my list because the outside is unlike any other location! The massive logs framing the building in the front immediately give off the cozy cabin feeling (especially when lit up with fairy lights!) which honestly is really what we all want out of a coffee shop.

The store has beautiful mountain views as well, and is extremely praised by hundreds of people who have visited.

This Starbucks looks right out of a hallmark movie during winter, and is mentioned as one of the top Starbucks to visit in the WORLD on many lists definitely making it worth a visit.


#2 Austin, Texas- 301 W 3rd Street, Austin, TX

This is a Starbucks that is filled with character, designed to represent the huge music industry in Austin, Texas.

You can find local artwork, microphone chandeliers, and other musical instruments implemented throughout the space (even speakers integrated into the ceilings!).

The reviews boast of friendly and caring baristas and an extremely comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. A perfect stop if you’re in town for any of their many music festivals and need a pick me up or hangover cure.




#3: The First ASL signing Starbucks- 625 H St NE B, Washington, DC

This Starbucks I initially loved for the eye mural located inside, BUT what makes it worthy of a top 5 list is the fact that is it the first American Sign Language (ASL) Starbucks in the US!

The employees are required to know ASL in order to cater to a wider customer base that is fully inclusive.

Even the gorgeous mural and coffee cup art have been created by deaf artists, Yogiao Wang and Jena Floyd, respectively. So if you are fancying a coffee and want to support inclusivity by learning their sign of the day, this is a great stop!


#4 Blaine Washington

Lighthouse- 530 Peace Portal Dr, Blaine, WA

This is probably one of the cutest Starbucks I came across in my research, it truly has it all.

Located near the US-Canada border (aka a perfect stop for an international roadtrip) this Starbucks is modeled after a historic lighthouse, and not only has an outdoor fireplace but also a stunning spiral staircase going up towards the top of the lighthouse.

Although the lighthouse itself is not open to the public to my knowledge, this Starbucks seems the perfect location to relax and cozy up while enjoying some views of Blaine harbor.

#5 Starbucks Reserve Roasteries (NYC and Chicago)

- 61 9th Ave, New York, NY & 646 Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL              


Two final additions to the list that I am grouping into one spot are two of the SIX reserve roasteries (roasters?) located in the world. There is another located in Seattle, but since one Washington location is on this list already. we will focus on the other two.

One of these roasteries is located in beautiful Chicago on the magnificent mile, while the other is located in New York City.

Stopping at one of these, or both, locations will let you dive deeper into Starbucks beverages, as they are a major step beyond the Starbucks you are familiar with. So even if you’re not a fan of your neighborhood Starbucks, still swing by as you might change your mind.

These gorgeous buildings are absolutely massive (we’re talking 23,000 square feet in NYC!) and from experience I know the one in Chicago has an escalator taking you from floor to floor, where each floor has a different drink theme or purpose. This location boasts four different drink menus in total, one for each floor.

At both locations you can book private tours of the roastery itself to see how this famous coffee is made, as well as booking tastings to learn about espresso and different brewing methods.

There are many more fun things that these locations have to offer so I urge you visit these locations in person to get the full experience!

Honorable Mentions:

#6 French Quarter Apothecary

I unfortunately wrote this recommendation before realizing this location had closed due to safety concerns, but regardless it deserves a spot on the list due to its magnificence.

Similar to the other Starbucks on this list, this location in iconic New Orleans, Louisiana, is filled with art and character, even more than I initially thought.

This location in the French quarter features sculptures on the ceilings by local artist, David Borgerding, as well as murals, community tables, and a number of vintage additions that tie into New Orleans history.

Honestly, it seems there’s so much that goes into this Starbucks location that genuinely you had to see for yourself.

#7 Griffith Observatory- 2720 Griffith Park Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

Griffith observatory is a fantastic trip on its own if you’re in LA, though be prepared to fight over your parking spot as it gets crazy busy!But this Starbucks is a must stop at if you love the coffee shop chain and also are a fan of astronomy.

A massive constellation mural fills one of the main walls, making it the perfect spot for taking photos with your new Griffith Observatory Starbucks cup.