Anyone who has been to McDonalds knows, it can be a hit and a miss.

That’s just the reality of ordering fast food, sometimes it’s suspiciously fantastic and sometimes you wait 20 minutes for absolute garbage (ugh)

But, one item I have found consistently great, especially since being in Australia, is the McDonalds coffee. I mainly drink flat whites, (if you aren’t familiar with this coffee term check out my coffee guide here) and find Macca’s coffee provides the perfect balance of smooth & flavorful coffee.

I have yet to have a drink that is bitter or acidic, two of my main pet peeves when it comes to coffee.

If you haven’t experienced some great McCafe coffee yet, here are three reasons why you shouldn’t pass on grabbing a cup of joe during your next trip to Mickey D’s!

Updated: August 26, 2023

Reason #1: McDonald’s sources from gourmet coffee roaster, Gavina

Good coffee comes from good coffee beans. There’s no two ways about it!

McDonalds actually sources their 100% arabica coffee beans from Gavina Gourmet Coffee Roasters, based out of California, USA.

These beans are sourced from some of the best places in world, like Brazil, and other countries in the iconic coffee belt.

As I mentioned before, I have yet to have a coffee from McDonalds that is bitter or acidic tasting. This is because they use 100% arabica coffee beans. These beans specifically provide a smooth delicious coffee finish to the drink opposed to robusta beans which can have a more bitter taste to them.

If you want to learn more about Gavina Gourmet Roasters & the McCafe story, check out my other in-depth post!

Reason #2: It’s affordable (P.S. you could get it for free!)

I will always recommend signing up for a restaurant’s or cafe’s loyalty program, even if you don’t visit that much. This is because, even if you only visit once a week or even once a month, those visits add up!

McDonalds has their infamous rewards program via the McDonald’s app that allows you to stockpile points from each item you order. You can redeem these points for a number of menu items including their delicious McCafe coffees!

The rule of thumb is that you will receive 100 Macca’s points for every $1 you spend!

If you’re not one to sign up for restaurant apps, the drinks are still very affordable with their drip coffee costing only $1.19 (USD) for a small and $1.39 (USD) for a large!

Espresso based coffees cost a bit extra, as expected, but still should be under $3 (USD) depending on which state or country you’re located in.

Bonus Deals:

  • Drip & other coffees are known to grace the McDonald’s dollar menu on promotion saving you even more money!
  • If you are 55+ years old, you are able to receive a senior discount on a small cup of coffee at participating locations

Reason #3: You Get a Massive Amount of Variety

Since McDonald’s is a massive company that has been around for decades, they continuously have promotional or themed coffees. A good example of this is when they celebrated the 30th Anniversary of McCafe.

They released an exclusive limited time birthday cake latte. that was available iced, hot, or as a deluxe drink.

They also launched a caramel popcorn syrup, back in 2022, that could also be made into a float, latte, or iced coffee as well.

If I am being honest, my only experience with their promotional drinks was not the best (R.I.P the birthday cake latte), so I’m not sure how I would feel about a caramel popcorn latte but to each their own!

Even beyond the promotional drinks, you can find a wide range of iced coffees, lattes, and more both in their restaurants or in stores that carry the McCafe brand.


So now….let’s be honest… do you actually have a reason to pass on a cup of McDonalds coffee? No!

Obviously, the decision is up to you, but I do highly recommend giving a cup of McCafe coffee a try. You might just find your new favorite inexpensive coffee stop!

If you’re already a McCafe lover, comment below with your go-to drink!