Welcome back to bit of a McDonalds coffee review! We are doing a mini review today of the limited edition Birthday Cake Latte

In honor of McDonalds 30th birthday (which is surprising – it feels like they’ve been around forever) they’ve come out with a limited edition birthday cake latte. I was so excited when my coworker suggested I try this drink for a review since I’m a massive fan of birthday cake ice cream. ESPECIALLY, if there’s actual cake in the ice cream. It really doesn’t get too much better than that. 

For this drink, like most, you can order it hot or iced. The iced version being much more extravagant than the hot. Essentially, the hot latte is the basic McCafe latte, with birthday cake powder mixed into the espresso and steamed milk.

If you decide to order the more extravagant iced version, you will receive the espresso shot mixed with the birthday cake powder, cold milk and ice, along with whipped cream, white chocolate shavings on top and some raspberry sauce on top. (See it just sounds way better) 

For this review, I am only talking about my experience with the hot version of the latte since it’s just too cold in Australia right now to be having an iced coffee in my opinion. 

My first impressions are pretty minimal for this drink. I opened the cup to see if there was any whipped cream or toppings but unfortunately with the hot latte, it just looked extremely basic, really nothing out of the ordinary.

The taste however, was so strange for me. It didn’t taste like birthday cake in the slightest, it almost had a nutty/coconut taste to it. Additionally, I ended up having a weird after taste left in my mouth, which I assume is from the extra sugar from the birthday cake powder.


Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this drink if you’re after a flavored latte. I think the idea had so much potential to be a great drink but I would definitely say to go with your tried and true favorite drink to avoid wasting any money.

Here is a brief comparison of calories (assuming full cream milk) and cost between the normal and birthday cake lattes:

Small Latte 140 Calories
Birthday Cake Latte 206 calories (hot)
273 calories (iced)