I got the pleasure of visiting Campground coffee, one the coffee shops most recommended to me thus far, and it did not disappoint in the slightest. Located on the corner of Barber and Tempest Street, this small cafe boasts outdoor seating, fresh pastries and surprisingly, a number of retro clothing items available for sale in shops, and even more items (even rugs!) on the website.

The staff were immediately welcoming as I struggled to wake my non-caffeinated brain up when finding the till, I ordered my typical flat white, though I am also finding that considering I am writing a coffee blog I should probably start switching it up a little bit, and a lemon & dill bagel.

If you love places that supply their own bread and pastries, this would be a great stop for you.

The coffee shop shares a kitchen with Reverence Sourdough, a local bakery who provides them delicious looking treats and loaves of bread. They have a number of pastries out front on display and right on the counter, adding a rustic touch that I loved. They also had plenty of vegan and gluten free options as well for all my people with a restricted diet out there.

The coffee itself was fantastic, coming out with beautiful latte art, a first for me in Gunnedah, and had a bit more of an espresso flavor to it than some of the other coffee I’ve had, which was not an unwelcome addition.

The cup additionally was a decently large size, giving it a good bang for your buck! which is always important especially when backpacking / being on a budget.

Moving into the food, the lemon and dill bagel held up its end of the bargain as well. The bagel itself was made beautifully by Reverence, as it was perfectly crunchy and fluffy at the same time.

These bagels would definitely be in my kitchen back home if it was possible! Unfortunately, I didn’t feel the same way about the cream cheese. The dill and lemon part was fantastic, I honestly think you can’t go wrong with dill, I’ve put absurd quantities on my own bagels and it still wasn’t too much.

My main issue with was with the cream cheese itself as I found it to be a bit grainy or gritty rather than  smooth and creamy texture. I am assuming it is also homemade, maybe with a different base than normal cream cheese? Overall, the bagel was still enjoyable alongside my coffee.


With this cafe I feel like you can’t really go wrong by visiting, even if you’re the same same as me when it comes to loving a creamy bagel, Campgrounds has a decently sized food menu along with a large number of pastries as mentioned so the odds of you finding something delicious are high. Additionally, the customer service and coffee making skills are top notch. Just don’t come unprepared like me and not dress for the weather as the seating is outdoors and we’re headed into winter here in Australia so it has gotten a bit chilly!


Coffee & Food ordered: a flat white with a lemon & dill Bagel

Paid: A$17.50

Time spent: around 30-45 minutes


Bonus: If you love the outdoors, check out this camping themed coffee brand!

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