When you start a blog, you try and think of all the things you like or know about or care enough about to potentially write about for the foreseeable future

I thought about doing an art blog, a mental health blog (which i’ve decided I’m not qualified at all to have) and have landed on doing a coffee blog.

I’m sure that over the course of the next year or even the next few months, this blog will change a fair amount and honestly I hope it does.

As much as I love coffee and as much as I love coffee shops, I wouldn’t say I’m particularly passionate about either.

I spent the first few of my coffee drinking years, mainly drinking black coffee. Partially because I thought I was cooler for it and partially because it’s was the cheapest option on the menu, which is the most appealing thing to a college student.

Out of these few years, the only main factor that I looked for when buying a coffee was how acidic it is. I never picked up any preferences of flavor notes or any other details that a true coffee connoisseur might look into, and honestly I don’t think I will until I take a full on class to learn about them. 

I think what I care more about is where I’m drinking the coffee, why I’m there, and who I’m with.

For instance, whatever budget breakfast place is near you, Perkins, IHOP, whatever it may be.

I probably love their coffee.

Not because it’s good, because honestly it’s not. I worked at an IHOP when I was 16 and try not eat there for for a number of reasons.

But it’s because I used to go to study at these types of places all of the time.

They were open 24 hours a day, had cheap but decent food, and unlimited coffee for $4 thus leading to diner coffee growing on me big time.

So just like a lot of other things in life, the association of comfort and old memories is what makes this coffee good to me, not because it’s a fancy roast with 20 different flavor notes to it.

So instead of this blog being a evaluation and dissection of coffee beans and the equipment that’s most popular to brew with at home, I’m hoping the coffee side of this blog will become a place to talk about the other side of why we go spend our time and money in coffee shops.

Which places provide us the most comfort and relaxation that we might not be able to get anywhere else at the moment.

Of course I will be focusing on the quality of food and coffee at each place I go to, but ultimately I don’t see it being the end all be all of this blog.

Having just turned 25 in April, I am currently at a point in my life where I feel quite lost.

I don’t have a defined career path, I’ve decided not to go into engineering since I find it quite boring, and working in hospitality for the last 8 years has shown me that I really don’t want to do the same thing everyday, in the same spot, no matter how good the money might be.

I traveled to Australia back in 2022 with the hopes of all my problems sorting themselves out and that I would be able to find my passion and be infinitely wise after a just a few short hikes up a mountain.

Spoiler alert: that didn’t happen. And I now know it won’t happen any time soon.

However, I have learned a few things over the past year and a half after meeting some fantastic people who happen to be way more put together and wiser than my current self.

I now know that I enjoy traveling and meeting new people when I feel extroverted enough to do so.

I want to see weird animals and try new food for as long as I can while having the privilege of not having too many ties to one place.

I would like to share my struggles when they come up and how I attempted and probably failed to deal with them appropriately, so other people can learn from them as well.

And I want to be able to find a few hobbies that I will enjoy doing for more than a week or two, as that’s the usual amount of time I do something before getting bored and never doing it again.

So even though this blog is extremely small at the moment, and again, doesn’t have a very defined purpose yet, I’m hoping it provides me a way of being able to do what I want with my time over the next few years at least.

So yes, if you’re passionate about coffee and want to learn about different flavor notes and roasts and if you get your coffee from a certain country will it make a difference, this blog may not be for you at this moment.

This blog will be for the people who love a cozy coffee shop, who want to find places they can sit and relax for a while when they want to get away from their roommate or while traveling.

It will be for the people who want to learn about coffee with me as I go (so don’t worry I’m sure I’ll get into the nitty gritty of coffee flavors at some point) and who want suggestions on coffee brands once I learn more.

It’ll be for the people who for some reason want some life advice from a person who is figuring out their own and who want travel tips from someone who is beyond spacey and impulsive but who is trying their best to sort themselves out.

I’m not sure what exactly that would equate to when it comes to a type of blog, so for now keep I am going to keep writing about the cafe’s I visit and we will go from there.

But if you’re still interested and reading this blog post, welcome to the true Procaffinator blog. A place for a messy person to give advice on their messy life and use this blog as an excuse to travel and drink copious amounts of caffeine.