Bitter Suite Coffee: A Hidden Gem for Coffee Lovers and Foodies

I am currently at the “Bitter Suite Cafe & Wine Bar” in probably one of the smallest towns I will ever live in, Gunnedah, NSW in Australia!

In a few months I will be back to being based in the USA but for now I am finishing up my Australian travels.

I am so happy that this cafe is going to be my first review. I was a bit hesitant to choose it over the other cafes in the area since the words “wine bar” typically mean more expensive, but it did not disappoint.

While the pricing and the coffee itself is pretty on par with other cafes, what makes this cafe stand out is the amount of personality contained in such a small area.

All of the seating is technically outdoors but under a covered greenhouse like ceiling so dining is still possible in rainier weather. This type of ceiling also creates the perfect natural lighting for your morning excursion.

The outdoor setup of the cafe also helps keep the volume at a reasonable level. Even with some music from the inside ordering area, and a fairly packed outside, maybe with around 20 people, the environment was still relaxing and could be an easy location to get work done if that’s what you’re here for.

The entirety of the beams connected to the ceiling have a variety of items hanging from them, ranging from potted plants to chandeliers and disco balls.

Even the table numbers have personality as they are uno cards glued to old tin containers.

The seating is very straight forward with basic tables and metal chairs for some. The cafe has also incorporated 2 couches and some smaller tables with mosaic tops in the back seating area.


Overall, this cafe I’m sure will be my favorite in this small town. The chaotic yet extremely green environment coupled with a nice breeze and sunlight creates the perfect stop for the morning.

Additionally, the size of the mug of coffee I received was substantially larger than other cafes I have went to. So you are getting a good value for the amount you are paying. The food also held up its send of the bargain with a deliciously soft sourdough bread and tomato relish being featured on the big breaky.

If for some reason you find yourself near Gunnedah in NSW, I would recommend stopping for a cup of coffee or some food!



Coffee ordered: A (surprisingly large) mug of flat white & a big breaky

Paid: A$28.50

Time Spent: 45 min-1 hour