10 Instagrams To Follow If You Love Latte Art

Nothing makes a cup of coffee better than having some iconic latte art in your cup.

These 10 Instagram accounts will fulfill your your aesthetic latte art needs even when you’re not having a cup of coffee.

You may even pick up some tips to try on your own along the way!



You’ll find latte art ranging from basic tulip designs to complex colorful creations on this Instagram page. Consistent latte art posts will always keep your home page picture perfect.


Coming in with 148,000 followers is Coffee Momentss. Their page is filled with some impresso latte art and some smoothing espresso drip close ups. If you’re a fan of their work, they have links in the bio so you add all the gear they use to your own collection.


In a truly unique Instagram, this barista from Japan combines the love of coffee and birds. You will find this page filled with remarkably accurate latte art depicting of a variety of colorful birds along with some of the more classic designs. I can only imagine the time and practice it takes to get to this level.


This coffee stand is location just outside of Tokyo, Japan and has some of the most impressive latte art I know of: 3D latte art. Ranging from animals to Mario or Pokémon characters, this latte art is in completely different realm of its own. This spot will definitely being going on my list of cafés to visit.


Boasting 125,000 followers and the title of Tokyo’s 2016 Coffee Fest Latte Art Champion, Chris Lin can definitely be classified as a latte art master. You’ll get glimpses into his life in Japan while also getting some tips on perfecting your latte art designs with his short tutorials on reels.


This Instagram features the in’s and outs of making a quality cup of coffee, from how to properly clean your milk steamer wand to learning how to do specific latte art designs. If you’re interested in becoming a better barista, this account is a must.
I’m not sure how good a Parmesan martini would taste but it’s something definitely have to try now!






This Korean barista showcases his latte art skills at 6xsCoffee shop located in Los Angeles, California. You'll find many pouring videos on his feed along with some intricate and gorgeous designs. Unlike some of the other Instagram accounts on this list, barista_wonki has around 2,000 followers so give this talented barista a follow and support a small account! You can also check out the cafe's Instagram @6xscoffee to see more satisfying photos of drinks and to check out some of the cool glassware they sell!


This Chinese barista (AND the latte art champion in 2017, 2018, and 2020) produces some INTENSE latte art. Almost every cup on his page is a masterpiece ranging from lions and camels to even a centaur. It's clear why barista_fan has been so successful in Latte Art Competitions and this page is definitely worth looking at.

Additionally, if you're located in China, Barista_fan offers a variety of training (latte art, brewing, and barista training) through WOOW Barista Academy, so you could potentially learn from the master himself!


If you want to keep it simple and not add too many followers to your Instagram, you should follow this account. ‘Best of latte art’ posts all of these great latte art reels all one spot so you’ll have the best variety of latte art hit your feed!