7 Adorable Coffee Mugs For Animal Lovers



We all have our favorite animals, some have them as pets while others can only go see them in the wild.

I think as coffee lovers we can all appreciate that drinking coffee out of an adorable mug brings a bit more happiness to the morning. One of my favorites is the mug below with a mini giraffe in the middle from Pier 1 Imports. 

Therefore, today I will be covering 7 adorable animal coffee mugs that would be perfect for you or for someone in your life (in no particular order). Be warned, it’s hard to go back to normal mugs after collecting a few of these!

(See is this not the cutest thing ever)

#1: Cow in the Middle

After buying my giraffe mug, these mini animal mugs became a personal favorite.So to start this list, we have the “cow in the middle” mug. This adorable one I found on Amazon here has this cute cow inside, that will peek out whenever your drink gets low enough. The brand, DIHO Kitchen, has a number of other animals like rabbits, foxes, pandas, and so on.

This  company has another fantastic mug featured on this list and in general a pretty extensive store front so even if you’re not a fan of this mug (though I can’t think of why you wouldn’t be) be sure to check out their Amazon Storefront to see the other cool products they have.

#2: Just a sloth hanging out

Up next is for all the sloth lovers out there, this adorable mug has the sloth hanging over the side as you can see. You really can’t start your day on a bad notes with this coffee mug in your hands and the message that it’s alright to just do nothing sometimes. BONUS: they have a killer 40% off discount on this mug at the moment so be sure to check it out!

#3: The iconic MILF mug.

Next on the list is the “Man I love frogs” coffee mug. Perfect for both our MILF lovers and our frog lovers. Out of all the mugs on this list, I would probably get this one for a number of my friends purely because it says MILF, so maybe grab this item if you’re looking for a great gag gift as well.



#4: “Fetch This” dog mug

Following our MILF mug is the classy “fetch this” coffee mug. Perfect for your dog loving friends and family. This is my #1 Top pick out of these 7 mugs and it’s the perfect birthday gift, Christmas gift, or really best gift for any kind of occasion. You really can’t go wrong with giving someone the gift of getting flipped off by a dog.


#5: Full Setup Animal Mug

Most significantly, we have another mug by DIHO, these adorable mugs come with a lid and spoon and feature either a dog or cat sitting on the side of the mug. Perfect for someone who loves a classier looking mug with a full setup. As I said before the DIHO store on Amazon just has so many cool products that you have to check it out if your like the style of these mugs.


#6: Farm Metal Cups Set

For number six we are cruising into the more rustic theme with this farm animal set of 4 metal mugs.

Absolutely perfect for camping or everyday use, but especially those who love an everyday animal like a pig or a cow. I think these would also be great for people like myself who like eating a number of things like soup out of mugs, the only con I can think of is that since they’re metal, you can’t throw them in the microwave to reheat the contents.


#7: “Como Te Llama” Mug

Lastly but certainly not least, we have our beautiful llama mug. Honestly, It’s just ann adorable mug that contains 18 oz of drink, which is honestly a pretty solid amount considering a lot of cafes have their large coffees set at 12-14 oz. Similar to DIHO, this storefront has a ton of great options to check out even if you’re not after a Llama mug.





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