10 Must Attend Coffee Events in the Milwaukee Area for 2023

If you’re are in the United States right now, summer is currently upon you!

Thus it is the time for festivals and events galore.

From food festivals to music festivals there’s something for everyone, including coffee lovers!

This blog post will dive into 10 coffee related events happening in Milwaukee, Madison, and Chicago for the summer and fall of 2023!

10 Coffee Events For 2023 Happening in Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago and Surrounding Areas:

Colectivo’s Back Room – Milwaukee – A Variety of Dates

Colectivo’s back room series is a fantastic idea. If youre not from the area, colectivo is a very well known coffee chain (don’t think Starbucks chain but more like a local place that has a few other locations).

They have a variety of delicious drinks and fantastic food at all locations, but that the prospect locust on in Milwaukee, they also have a cozy back room where local or up and coming musicians play! 

These mini concerts take place almost everyday, and would be perfect for a chill night out in the summer.  Be sure to check the website for specific dates and times and maybe you’ll find an artist that you love on the lineup!

Cars and coffee – Madison – A Variety of Dates

Similar to Colectivo’s back room events, cars & coffee is a reoccuring event throughout the entire year taking place every Sunday in Madison. This event also occurs in a number of cities so if you’re not located in Madison but won’t to go, head to the website here and see if there’s one closer to you.

Cars & Coffee is an event that would perfect for (obviously) those who love cars and want to meet new people. According to a Reddit post, when the weather is nice and during the busier times, the event can bring in even 200 cars.

Additionally, the main meeting point in Madison is at a Barriques coffee shop, which is a go to coffee shop for many people. 

Get roasted: Brew and Brunch – Chicago – June 4th

If you’re going to pick an event of this list to be boujee with… this is the one. This is event is full on! Complete with a DJ and everything.

You can get the in-depth in’s and out’s of the event here but you will be immersing yourself into the world of speciality coffee with owners of Big Shoulders Coffee guiding you along your boujee journey.

Additionally, you will be leaving with a bag of Big Shoulders Coffee to make at home, and you’ll be getting brunch AND beer! If you’re from the Midwest (especially Wisconsin) the presence of beer in this kind of event makes total sense.

Latte Art Class – Chicago – June 16th 

If you’ve dreamed about creating latte art similar to the ones you see on Instagram (like these ones here) check out this latte art class. You’ll learn all the basics such as how to steam milk correctly and you’re able to drink all of your beautiful creations at the end!

DIY coffee table – Waukesha – June 17

Perfect for your own home or someone else’s, you can make your own coffee table at this workshop by Fisk Avenue. We all know that a quality wood table is hard to come by, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to have something special by the end of class.

Sign up through eventbrite here

BONUS: if you want a (not so) classy summer themed coffee cup to put on your new coffee table, check this one out! 

Coffee cup making class – Madison – July 8th

If you’ve read my previous post on animal coffee cups (if not check it out here!) I love an adorable coffee mug. It just adds another positive thing to start your day with and who doesn’t need that.

With a 3 hr coffee cup making course, located in Madison, you can create your own! After a mildly scarring experience creating an extremely questionable mug for my dad when I was younger, I have accepted I do not have the artistic abilities to create something I want to drink out of, but YOU might.

All the juicy details are here!

If the price tag (around $89) is a bit steep for you, check out Fired Up Pottery in Madison. They create the pottery and all you have to do is paint away!

Coffee break festival –

Stoughton – Aug 19

If you love coffee and your friends or family don’t – GO HERE. I struggle to say it’s a coffee festival since there is so much going on!

The main coffee event is a coffee brew off (so if you’re a killer coffee maker – enter! Bring pride to your family name) but they also have another car show, arts and crafts, tons of food and more to keep everyone happy.

Check out the website here for more details!

Cafè Con Arte – Milwaukee – September 8

Coffee… art… AND CHURROS. Even though this blog is a loud coffee… I think the main reason to visit this event is the churros let’s be honest.

Joking aside, cafè con arte at Latino Arts, INC in Milwaukee is having an art showing where you can stroll and look at the exhibits while enjoying a churro and a cup of coffee.

The event takes place in the morning, ending at 10:30 am, and honestly can you imagine a better start to your day?

Barista league – Milwaukee – October 21

Located in Milwaukee, this is an event I’m extremely excited to attend this year!  Unlike the other events on this list, the barista league is a competition where you can see baristas compete on who can do the best latte art.

According to the website it also might have a kick-ass party so you can get caffeinated during the day to stay up and party later!

In the future:

As I’m writing this in late May, some awesome events have already gone by! So keep out for these awesome events in 2024!

Coffee and Donut Fest Milwaukee:

I’m so sad I didn’t know about this. I honestly don’t think you can top a festival like this. Coffee and donuts are a pair for the ages and you essentially go around sampling both during this festival.

If you’re interested in becoming a VID (very important donut) you will receive 12 sampling tickets, an extra hour of sampling, a coffee mug and more! Check out the website for the 2023 event here to prepare for next year!