Sticky Blends is a small business based in Geraldton, WA that was born back in 2018 after the owner was inspired to share “her love for flavor with the community around her” 

The response to this inspiration was a line of drink pastes that would be not only delicious and easy to use but also free of additives and non-beneficial ingredients that we see a lot in our everyday foods.

Since starting with just two main drink pastes, Sticky Blends has successfully grown and now offer a fabulous selection of six different drink pastes in total.

  • Masala Chai (Vegan)
  • Turmeric (Vegan)
  • Chili Cocoa
  • Dandy Masala
  • Matcha
  • Beetroot

Sticky Blends: The Power of Spices

Throughout time, spices have been known to provide anti-inflammatory & heart healthy benefits to those who use them.

Common spices like ginger, cinnamon and turmeric, are some of the most well-known spices to have been used for medicinal purposes throughout time.

Sticky Blends drink paste is a perfect way to get a variety of spices into your body with no additional bad ingredients. 

Activating The Spices

One of the things I noticed when looking through the (short!) ingredient list, was that pepper has been added into the turmeric sticky blend.

This may not seem like a big deal, but just because you add turmeric to a drink, doesn’t mean your body is actually absorbing the spice (this is the issue with turmeric lattes!)

Alot of spices out there can be really good for your body, but they need to be “activated” in order for you to benefit from them. 

Turmeric, in this case, can be activated by a number of things, including pepper.

So, not only are you getting a healthy spice blend in each spoonful, but you are also actually getting to reap the benefits of the spices due to the other ingredients in the blends!

For full transparency and ease of access, you can find all of the ingredients for each item are listed on the Health & World Being website.

Ingredient Transparency

Each ingredient used in the drink pastes are certified organic with common ingredients being ground ginger, black tea, ground cinnamon, star anise and cardamom pods.

Beyond being organic, the two original drink pastes, Turmeric and Masala chai, are both additionally certified vegan products.

The pastes additionally stay low calorie and low in sugar with the Chili Cocoa drink paste boasting only 114 Kj (27 Cal) and around 5.6 g of natural sugars per 9 grams (about 1 serve) used.

Thoughts on the Chili Cocoa Drink Paste

I came across the Sticky Blends booth one morning at the Kalbarri Holiday markets.

As an avid chocolate lover, I decided to try the Chili Cocoa drink paste.

The paste itself is much thicker than I expected so the recommended boiling water is definitely needed when dissolving the paste into your drink of choice.

Alternatively, if you’re more of a cold drink lover, you can mix the drink paste into boiling water and then refrigerate it for later to use as you please!

I ended up using the paste in a few different ways:

  • Mexican Hot Chocolate
  • Mocha
  • Chili Cocoa Tea

I Initially added the drink paste to my coffee and was greeted with very bold chili flavors. After a bit of research, I found I had used twice as much drink paste as I was supposed to, which explained the spiciness. 

After properly following the instructions and only using 1/2 tsp per 8oz of milk/water, the chocolate and chili flavors were nicely balanced, providing a much “warmer” feeling drink.

Flavor Notes:

  • Strong chili
  • Mild chocolate
  • Hint of cinnamon (specifically in tea form)

This drink paste is absolutely delicious added to coffee, hot chocolate, or on its own. The cinnamon in the spice mix added a layer of warmth and comfort that would be perfect on a chilly night. 

If you want a bit more of the spice kick I initially experienced, try adding 1 tsp of the paste to your drink of choice.

Summary: My Recommendations & The Future of Sticky Blends

The Future of Sticky Blends

After speaking to the creator of Sticky Blends, the future looks bright for the company as they hope to keep expanding in the coming years.

Thankfully, this is not a case of, “you need to be located in western Australia to purchase this product!”

Sticky Blends does have an online store through the Health and World Being website. You can bulk buy or just pick one or two you want to try.

You can also follow the Sticky Blends Facebook page to find them at markets around the coral coast in WA just like I did.

My Recommendation

As someone who drinks tea occasionally but doesn’t dabble with strong spiced flavors, I was very impressed by the Chili Cocoa drink paste I tried.

I think the company has accomplished exactly what they had hoped by creating a delicious and clean product.

It was a step outside my coffee comfort zone but the most important thing for me is being able to add the benefits of the spices to my morning routine.

I would definitely recommend trying out the chili cocoa drink paste if you want to add an extra kick to your favorite drink or just love a warm drink on a cold night.

The serving size is an additional bonus as you can get around 200 servings from one jar of the paste, making it a great “bang-for-your-buck” 

As for the other drink pastes, I would recommend giving them a try as well as I have confidence that they will be great based off of my experience 🙂

Note: I’ll update this review if I have the chance to try more of the product line!

That’s all for today guys! As always, I hope you have a fantastic rest of your day and thank you for reading todays review. Happy Procaffinating!

Have you tried Sticky Blends before? Leave a comment to share your experience!