Thai Vs. Vietnamese Coffee: History, Beans, and More

Thai and Vietnamese coffee culture is one that is filled to the brim with history. These delicious coffees have slowly made their way across the world and have left people wanting more.

With the coffee industry in South East Asia being valued at a whopping $8.2 USD in 2023, it is only expected to grow with some Vietnamese coffee roaster even making their way into the specialty coffee industry.

While there are definitely some differences between the two countries coffee stories, there are also many similarities.

We cover a fair amount of content today, so if you’re in a pinch for some information, here is a quick summary of the differences and similarities between Thai and Vietnamese coffee.

Feel free to click on the main topic and jump to that section of the article for more information!

History: Thai coffee production started around the 1960’s while Vietnam’s started around 1890

Beans: Both mainly grow and use robusta beans

Brewing: Vietnam uses a Phin filter while Thailand uses a sock filter

Milk: Sweetened condensed milk is commonly used in both countries’ coffees

Roasting methods: Dark roasted coffee is most common in both countries

Other topics discussed: Flavor ProfilesWhere To BuyBrew At Home, Overall Summary

Thai Vs. Vietnamese Coffee: History, Beans, and More

Origin & History Of Thai Coffee

Coffee culture in Thailand started way later than you may think, only truly beginning in the 1960’s.

The king, Bhumibol Adulyadej, wanted to move the country towards a more beneficial (and legal) way to make money. At the time, their main source of income was through opium crops.

This movement was named The Royal Projects and got Thailand started on their iconic Robusta coffee production.

While the industry may not have started until the 60’s, coffee started being enjoyed in Thailand after being introduced by Dutch traders in the 19th century.

Unfortunately, the coffee beans were primarily grown in Indonesia and were pretty poor quality at the time.

Because of this people commonly added sugar or butter to help mask the bitter taste of the drink.

This sugary coffee drink was named, O’yua, (hot black coffee) and essentially is the precursor to the now popular, O’liang, (iced black coffee).

Commonly Ordered Thai Coffee Drinks

There are 5 main types of coffee drinks that you can find in Thailand.

The names are self-explanatory when translated as the world in the Thai correlates to how the coffee is made.

For instance, Gafae = coffee and Yen = iced, therefore Gafae Yen is iced coffee.

  • Gafae Yen: Thai iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk
  • Gafae Ron: Thai hot coffee w/ condensed milk

  • O’liang: Black & iced coffee

  • O’yua: Black & hot coffee

  • O’liang Yok Law: O’liang coffee with evaporated milk added

Origin & History Of Vietnamese Coffee

Unlike Thailand, Vietnam’s coffee culture started substantially earlier.

Vietnam was a part of French Indochina up until 1954 and therefore the beginning of their coffee journey was strongly influenced by the French.

An Arabica coffee plant was first introduced to the country by a French catholic priest in the 1850’s.  By the late 1800’s and early 1900’s the coffee industry had started the grow.

This is almost 60 years before Thailand even started growing their coffee plants!

The coffee production continued to grow until a large production plant was created in 1950 to start properly producing and exporting Vietnamese coffee.

By 1999, Vietnam became the second biggest supplier of coffee in the world, and today they produce around 40% of the worlds Robusta coffee beans.

Commonly Ordered Coffee in Vietnam

Listed below are four commonly ordered types of coffee in Vietnam.

Already you can see one of the differences between Thai and Vietnamese coffee, the type of milk used.

While Thai coffee primarily uses condensed milk or evaporated milk, topping your coffee with a creamy egg mixture or coconut milk is not uncommon in Vietnam.

  • Ca phe nau: Vietnamese iced coffee

  • Ca phe sua: Vietnamese hot coffee

  • Ca phe truang: Egg coffee

  • Sua cha ca phe: Yogurt coffee

  • Ca phe cot dua: Coconut Coffee

Coffee Beans Used in Vietnamese and Thai Coffee

Both Vietnam and Thailand largely produce and export the same type of coffee bean, Robusta.

if you are not familiar with the difference between Robusta and Arabica coffee beans, here’s a quick recap:

There are two types of coffee beans that are used in the industry, Arabica and Robusta.

If you normally drink coffee, you are most likely drinking a roast made from Arabica beans as it accounts for between 60-70% of the coffee we drink.

To put it simply, Arabica beans tend to be the preferred choice as they create a sweeter and less bitter flavor than Robusta beans.

However, robusta beans are still grown around the world and are commonly the beans used in instant coffee. 

Now, although Robusta beans account for less than half of the world’s coffee supply, there are some major benefits to growing this bean over Arabica.

Enviornmental Influences

Robusta coffee trees tend to thrive in lower altitudes, between 0 and 800m above sea level. Ideally, the trees will also be grown in a tropical climates with distinct wet and dry seasons.

If we look at Vietnam, the central highlands were the first location for coffee to be grown in the country.

This area has the perfect environment for robusta beans to thrive as opposed to Arabica trees, which prefer a much higher elevation.

You can find Arabica bean production in Vietnam today, but it will be located in the more mountainous areas.

If you look at the maps of both countries below, you can see a distinct difference in where Robusta beans (red pin) and Arabica beans (blue pin) are grown.

Some of the main regions in each country where coffee is grown is as follows:


Vietnam: Dak Lak, Gia Lai, Dak Nong, Lam Dong, Kon Tum

Thailand: Ranong, Chumphon, Surat Thani, Phang Nga, Nakhon Si Thammarat


Vietnam: Da Lat, Dien Bien, Nghe An, Son La, Quang Tri

Thailand: Mae Hong Son, Chaing Mai, Chaing Rai, Lampang, Tak

Durability of the Plant

Farmers tend to find that growing Robusta trees is much easier than growing Arabica trees.

This is due to the genetic makeup of the tree itself. Robusta trees are more resilient to disease, insects and tend to produce more fruit than Arabica trees.

All in all, growing robusta trees tend to be less work for those growing them.

Both countries started to produce Arabica beans in the late 90’s and early 2000’s but on a much smaller scale.

Today, Vietnam’s coffee production comes to about 90% Robusta beans and 10% Arabica beans.

How Are Vietnamese and Thai Coffee Beans Roasted?

Both Vietnamese and Thailand traditionally create dark roast coffee beans. This means the beans spend a longer time in the roaster.

This roast time can range from 15 minutes to even an hour.

Traditionally, Vietnamese coffee is roasted using a drum style method over an open fire. The beans are roasted in an oil-y combination of sugar, cocoa and vanilla to give the beans the unique flavor they are known for.

In Thailand, a traditional roasting technique is to first roast the beans as normal. This could be using a drum style method like Vietnam, or another method.

The roasted beans will then be roasted again after adding other ingredients such as brown rice, soy beans, or cardamom.

Similar to Vietnamese coffee, sugar will be added at the end to add a coat of caramelization to the beans. Brown sugar is typically used for this step of the process.

Vietnamese & Thai Coffee: The Different Brewing Processes

We’ve talked about how Thai and Vietnamese coffee is known for their strong and robust flavor profiles.

This is in part because of the dark roast robusta beans used but also the brewing method.

Traditionally, both types of coffee are brewed using a slow drip method that takes around 5 minutes to make a cup of coffee.

Because of how long the water takes to go through the coffee grounds with this method, the flavors of the beans are intensified even further.

The main difference in the brewing methods between the countries comes down to the type of filter used.

The Phin Filter

A traditional Phin filter

This Vietnamese filter consists of 4 different parts:

  • A brew chamber

  • A filter plate

  • A lid to trap heat

  • A gravity press filter

You first place the metal filter plate on top of whatever glass you would like to use, followed by the brew chamber.

You then add the amount of the ground coffee beans you would like to use, followed by the gravity press filter.

After this, top it up with hot water and leave the lid on for it to brew. This method of brewing is slow, and around 5-6 minutes in total.

Again, this slow dripping method creates a more intense and flavorful tasting cup of coffee that will wake you up immediately!

If you would like to try this method at home, this is a recommended Phin filter to use.

The Sock Filter

A modern take on the traditional sock filter

The traditional Thai brewing method consists of a sock filter. Which, you guessed it, is a filter that looks like a sock.

The sock filter is attached to a ring and a metal handle. To use it, you place the coffee grounds within the sock filter and placed the filter on top of your favorite cup.

Similar to the Vietnamese method, you will pour the water into the filter and let the coffee slowly drip the cup.

This method is again, considered a slow brew method, giving a lovely strong flavor to the cup of coffee.

If you would like to try this method at home, this is a recommended sock filter to use.

Milk Used In Vietnamese & Thai Coffee

As we discussed earlier, both Thai and Vietnamese coffee offer very strong and bold flavors, especially when slow brewed.

Because of this strong and often bitter taste the coffee has, sweeteners and milk are often added to elevate the flavors and reduce the bitterness.

There are few different types of milk that are used in both countries:

  • Sweetened condensed milk

Sweetened condensed milk was introduced to Vietnam by the French back in the late 1800’s.

Remember when we talked about the influence the French had in Vietnam’s coffee culture? The addition of sweetened condensed milk was a major part of it.

While they were initially looking for normal milk to use, dairy was not common in the country and therefore had to be imported from Europe.

Since the normal milk would spoil on the trip, they chose sweetened condensed milk instead as it would survive the long journey overseas.

Sweetened condensed milk is also used in Thai coffee.

Back before O’liang was a common drink, the locals added butter and sugar to their O’yua coffee to hide the bitter and burnt taste.

  • Coconut Milk

A popular addition in Vietnamese coffee is coconut milk. It can be used on its own to make sure the coffee is dairy free or add it to the condensed milk to add another layer of flavors.

  • Evaporated Milk

You may find evaporated milk in some Thai coffees such as Gafae Ron and O’liang Yok law.

This thicker version of milk adds an additional nutty flavor and creaminess to the coffee.

The Unique Flavor profiles of Vietnamese & Thai Coffee

Both Thai and Vietnamese coffee have unique flavor profiles that keep people coming back for more.

Many intense flavors come from the roasting methods.

Take Vietnamese coffee for example, when it is roasted in sugar, cocoa, and vanilla, some of these flavors appear in the final brewed product.

When Thai coffee, is made, the Robusta beans are mixed with a number of other ingredients such as corn, soybeans, and sesame seeds.  This adds another layer of flavors to the bean itself, so the coffee is sure to pack a flavor punch.

Another factor that influences the flavor profile is the type of coffee bean used

As we talked about before, Robusta beans are the most common to find in both of these countries.

Robusta beans tend to provide a more nutty, chocolatey, and bitter coffee flavor.

If you opt towards Arabica beans instead, you might have a sweeter, smoother and more acidic coffee.

Lastly, both traditional coffees are considered relatively sweet due to the addition of sweetened condensed milk.

Thai style coffee also has sugar added in pretty much every drink, even if you order an “O’yua” which is considered a black hot coffee.

The use of Robusta beans helps balance out some of the sweetness with the bold flavor the beans provide but if you don’t like your coffee as sweet, feel free to add less sweetened condensed milk or take it out all together!

The Caffeine Content In Thai & Vietnamese Coffee

Both Thai coffee and Vietnamese coffee are made using Robusta beans and are brewed using a slow drip method.

Because of these two factors,, the caffeine content tends to be slightly higher than a cup of coffee that uses arabica beans.

There will be around 100-120 mg of caffeine in a standard cup of Thai or Vietnamese coffee, this is compared to the around 95mg of caffeine you will find in a normal 8oz cup of coffee.

Where To Buy Vietnamese and Thai Coffee Beans

Are you convinced you want to give Vietnamese or Thai coffee a try?

As both Vietnamese and Thai coffee have become extremely popular in the last few decades, you can find both types of coffees quite easily.

If you want to try making your own Vietnamese coffee at home, these companies are a great place to start!

Just click the heading to be re-directed to the company site.

Nguygen Coffee Supply

Nyguen coffee is a specialty coffee roaster that sources their beans from the central highlands of Vietnam.

They offer a few different types of coffee beans that allow you to choose what you want based off the flavor profile you’re looking for!

Some of their popular blends are:

  • Moxy Blend: A 100% Arabica blend with a fruity and sweet flavor profile
  • Loyalty Blend: A nutty and smooth flavor profile
  • Truegrit Blend: A blend of 100% Robusta beans and double the caffeine as the Moxy blend!

O’liang Powder Mix

Even if you’re not planning on making O’liang at home, this is a Robusta bean powder that is widely recommended for making Thai coffee.

You’ll find some of the extra ingredients we talked about earlier (corn and soybeans) mixed into this blend. 

Making Vietnamese & Thai coffee at home

Now, I personally have not made Vietnamese or Thai coffee at home, yet!

So, instead of giving you step by step instructions on how to make the most authentic cup, I will leave you with two videos I think would be fantastic guides to making one of these coffees at home!

Pailin does a fantastic job of taking you through 4 delicous Thai coffee recipes in this video. I also recommend checking out her channel if you love Thai food!

This video on Vietnamese coffee is created by the owner of Nyugen Coffee Supply, Sahra, so I promise you are in good hands!

Summary: The Differences & Similarities Between Thai and Vietnamese Coffee

The coffee industry has influenced Thailand and Vietnam so much over the last few decades.

Both countries have grown to become major suppliers of coffee with Vietnam producing 40% of the robusta beans in the world.

Due to the climate in both countries, Robusta is the main bean that has been produced in both countries.

While Arabica beans are now produced in both, the Robusta bean has led to the bold and bitter flavors both coffees are known for. 

The first difference you might find between the two coffees, happens when the beans are roasted.

Although both countries commonly produce dark roasted beans, both countries add different ingredients, such as vanilla, sesame seeds, or cardamon to elevate the flavor.

Finally, while you will find both countries use condensed milk in their coffees and have sweeter coffee drinks, they are brewed using different filters.

While Vietnam uses a Phin filter, you’ll find in Thailand they use a sock filter. But even though they are different filters, they are both slow drip methods, creating that strong cup of coffee we all love!

Overall, both countries produce a coffee that is absolutely delicious and loved around the world. If you have a chance to try one of the two, I highly recommend it!


What is egg coffee?

Egg coffee is a popular type of Vietnamese coffee that combines delicious robusta beans, brewed with the traditional Vietnamese coffee filter, the Phin filter, with a cream made from egg yolks and sweetened condensed milk.

Nguyen Coffee has put out a fantastic video on how to make the perfect egg coffee at home. You can watch it here!

Does Drinking Vietnamese Or Thai Coffee Break A Fast?

Typically, fasting involves not eating any food or drinking anything that contains calories for a certain period of time.

Although consuming black coffee does not break a fast, drinking coffee with milk, or in this case, sweetened condensed milk, would break a fast due to the number of calories in the condensed milk.

Do You Need A Phin Filter To Make Vietnamese Coffee?

The slow drip nature of the Phin filter creates the strong intense flavor Vietnamese coffee is known for.

If you don’t have a Phin filter but still want to make a more traditional tasting Vietnamese coffee, there are some alternatives.

You can use a French press with a high coffee to water ratio to try and bring through that strong flavor that Vietnamese coffee is known for.

You can also try using espresso as a base for the coffee, as it also has a very strong flavor.

In order to try and get that authentic Vietnamese coffee flavor, try using 100% robusta beans from Vietnam!

As always, thank you for reading today’s article! Have you tried Vietnamese or Thai Coffee before? Drop a comment to share your experience!


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Indie Coffee: A Review of One of Madison's Best Coffee Shops

Ever since its birth back in 2004, Indie Coffee can definitely be considered one of Madison's staple coffee houses. Being located near Camp Randall, it has grown to be a must stop for locals and a great study location for college students.

Unlike many cafes, Indie coffee is extremely well known for the waffles they make in house.

Yes, that's right, Waffles.

Because of this delicious breakfast item (and others), I have been to this cafe many times over the last few years and am beyond excited to be writing this review!

A Peek into Indie Coffee: One of Madison's Best Coffee Houses

The Atmosphere

In my opinion, Indie Coffee is 100% a cafe that conquers both the relaxing and energizing environment. This is done through having a busier indoor seating area of about 8 tables as well as a shady outdoor patio area.

While the indoor area can definitely get crowded when it gets busy, the tables are spaced apart enough to avoid having that claustrophobic feeling we all hate. They also have window seating that allows you to avoid the line out of the door a bit better.

The patio seating outside is absolutely perfect for the warmer months, especially if someone brings their dog with them (when does a dog not make an experience better?)

The patio is also the perfect place to escape to if the inside gets too noisy for your liking.



View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Indie Coffee (@indiecoffeemadison)


All in all, the coffee shop can be a bit chaotic sometimes as the indoor space is smaller than most other cafes in the area. However, I find the busy energy inside can definitely help you push forward with studying, even when you're exhausted.

If you're looking for a quieter experience, try coming in during the week after the morning rush.

Coffee & Beverages

I have had everything from Indie's drip coffee and cold brew to a lavender & honey latte (named the Monet Sunrise) and none of it has even slightly disappointed yet.

They offer three different drink sizes, all named after the beautiful Wisconsin Lakes (Wingra, Mendota and Monona).

I personally love drinking coffee out of a huge coffee mug, and that's exactly what you'll get when you order the "Mendota" size or 20oz coffee.

Do you love coffee mugs? Check out my post on adorable animal coffee mugs here!

Indie has some great seasonal options available along with the classic espresso-based drinks such as:

  • The Twist (a mix of espresso, milk, Ghirardelli caramel and vanilla)
  • The Milano (a slightly sweet latte that has vanilla and cardamon flavors)
  • A Mayan Spiced Mocha (Ghirardelli dark chocolate, cinnamon, and cayenne)

Note: They also offer six different types of milk for those with dairy intolerances!



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A post shared by ash cash eats (


If you do stop by and find you love their coffee, you can purchase the "Indie Coffee" dark roast both in the shop or on their website.

Note: This darker roast will typically come as a whole bean unless you would like it pre-ground.

If you're after something a bit stronger than coffee (as a typical Wisconsinite probably is), their website claims that they are re-introducing a new menu that includes:

microbrews, wines, and spirits such as Jameson whiskey, Kahlua and Baily's

I personally haven't ordered anything alcoholic from this coffee shop but I'm sure it only adds to the experience.

The Food

Oh, the food. This is honestly the best part about Indie Coffee. They absolutely nail their food items by elevating simple savory breakfast staples.

The Mediterranean wrap? Divine.

The breakfast bagel? Extraordinary.

While it might take a bit longer to receive your order, their food hits the "comfort food spot" of the stomach every time. They also have a number of Gluten Free, Vegetarian & Vegan menu items for those with food intolerances or preferences.

Now... let's talk about the waffles that were featured on Wake Up with Al Roker back in 2015.

What makes these waffles so great, is the simple base that comes out crunchy in the right spots and fluffy in the middle.

I'm not sure if they have a secret ingredient thrown in there that helps create this masterpiece but what I do know is that if you're getting a waffle anywhere in Madison, you need to stop at this coffee shop.

With each fantastic waffle, you will receive a few pats of butter on the side that are perfectly warmed from the heat of the waffle, along with some delicious syrup.

I personally go for the grasshopper waffle (a buttermilk or wholegrain batter with walnuts) but if that's not for you, you can take a look at their other 5 options and pick what would be best for you!

Some of their other popular waffles are:

  • The Red & White (a waffle topped with strawberries and house made whipped cream, inspired by UW-Madison's colors)
  • Chocolate Chip (self-explanatory & delicious)
  • Cranberry & Walnut (for those wanting to be a bit healthier in the morning)

Indie Coffee: One of Madison's local businesses that you need to visit

As you can probably see now, Indie Coffee is a must stop the next time you're in need of a coffee or a snack.  The range of coffee beverages they offer, from classic to seasonal, makes this a versatile cafe with something for everyone.

They are also open from 7am-6pm every day, so you can stay late and study or just enjoy your morning coffee here.

P.S if you're a student in need of a new reusable coffee mug check out my list of brands offering student discounts!

I highly recommend the food options here as well but keep in mind, you may be waiting a while for your takeaway coffee or food item if its busy. So, if you're in a rush, try and plan ahead (or order online here!) so you don't end up missing anything!

As always, thank you for taking the time to read this review and happy procaffinating! :)


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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Cafes in Daylesford

Being a short 90 minute drive from Melbourne, the towns Hepburn Springs & Daylesford have become a staple holiday location for many people. The two close towns have many things to offer, from the iconic mineral springs bath house in Hepburn to the fantastic art galleries show casing some incredible artists in Daylesford.

Whether you’re here for school holidays, or just need a chance to unwind from the city life, this ultimate guide to the best cafés in the area will help you find the perfect way to start your morning (or afternoon if you feel like sleeping in) 

Note: there will be a summary at the end of each section :)

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Cafe's in Daylesford & Hepburn Springs

Table of Contents:


1. Harry’s Hepburn: Best Café for Families, Large Parties, & Working 

Open 7 Days a week 8am-3pm, kitchen closing at 2:30pm
115 Main Road, Hepburn Springs

Seating & Atmosphere

Although I find the café on the smaller end compared to the ones I visit at home, Harry’s Hepurn is one of the largest cafes on this list, with a variety of seating options. 

There are numerous tables capable of seating larger parties (4-8 people) and many smaller tables available, though you may have to squeeze at some points. If you make a booking, they can accommodate large parties (10-14 people if not more). 

In the summer, the coffee shop also has a lovely courtyard / beer garden where you can take your dogs and enjoy the sunshine if you don't feel like sitting at one of the outdoor tables along the front of the cafe. 

If you’re visiting on a weekend, I highly recommend making a booking through the Harry's Hepburn website as it can become very chaotic quickly.

Seating from the front window


Coffees & Other Beverages

The coffees are a standard size here with a regular/cup (single shot $4.50) and large/mug (double shot, $5.50) with upcharges for any alternative milks or additions. P.S. they have some of the best hot chocolate in the area!

Additionally, the café has six milks in total so you are sure to find the right milk for your drink!

Milks offered: Full Cream, Skim, Soy, Oat, Lactose free & Almond

Harry's also has one of the larger ranges of drinks I have seen with not only coffees, but juices and alcoholic beverages as well for those who want to get the party started early in the morning. 

The prices on the drinks vary but range between $9-$18 

Coffee from the front window

Food & Small Bites ($15-$30)

Like many cafes in the area, Harry serves what I would consider the food selection at Harry's to be high end café cuisine. 

The menu, created by the chef of Frank and Connies down the road (highly recommend this restaurant for dinner as well), features popular items such as the Salmon & Potato Croquette and the Open-Faced Steak Sanga, an absolute beast of a sandwich. 

This café also serves the classics such as crumpets and eggs on toast for those who don’t want to stray too far away from a normal breakfast. 

There is also a small kids menu option with basics of eggs on toast and fried chicken & chips (which is absolutely delicious)  

Prices vary for the food items but tend to sit on the higher range of $15-30 depending on add on’s or substitutions.  

If you’re not after a full meal, there is a number of house made cakes and treats to choose from such as Portuguese tarts, duck pies, cinnamon scrolls (my favorite) and more. 

Vegan, Veggie & other health-conscious options 

The menu contains a variety (that’s right, more than just one or two!) of vegetarian, vegan, gluten free AND dairy free items! As far as the cake & treats section goes, I know of two gluten free options (the citrus teacake & brownie), but no dairy or vegan options at the moment. 


  • Pros:
    • Great place to get work done, study, or have a meeting at. There are plenty of outlets if needed!
    • Accommodates large parties
    • Kids menu available (only booster seats available, no high chairs)
    • Local Special on Thursdays: A big breakfast + a standard coffee/tea for $25
  • Cons:
    • Can get very loud if busy
    • Small upcharges like a side of cream (+$3) or scrambled eggs (+$2) can add up quickly
    • Can be cold in the winter due to no central heating


2. Harvest Café- Best for healthy drinks/specialty coffees

Open Mon-Friday 9am-3pm, store open until 4pm, Sat 9am-2pm, store open until 3

Located: 29 Albert Street, Daylesford, Victoria

Located on the main street in central Daylesford, Harvest Café is a health food store & coffee shop rolled into one. You will be greeted with great customer service and overall good vibes from this heart healthy coffee shop.

Seating & Atmosphere

The entirety of the store is also a shop where you can find local favorites like beautiful soaps, wine and a number of other organic wholesale items.

With my first visit I initially thought this cafe wouldn’t be a good place to sit down and work, but after returning I found the indoor seating to be quite open & welcoming, especially when they have incense burning.

One big plus I found was there are two main seating areas, one with a couch and a more relaxed "friends" style vibe to it, while the other seating area is a larger room with much more seating. In this main seating area, there are a number of tables without it feeling cramped, and there is room to seat larger parties of 6 people if not more. 

There are window/bar style seating in both rooms with outlets available if you feel like getting some work done!

An example of the selection of wines & books in the seating area

Coffees & Other Drinks:

This is where the Harvest Cafe shines... here you will find the perfect drinks or coffees for if you want to add an extra health kick to your morning such as

  • Turmeric latte (coconut milk, ginger, honey, turmeric, cinnamon) - $5.50
  • Bulletproof latte (double organic espresso, organic coconut oil) - $6.00
  • Blue Mermaid Smoothie (E3 live, banana, dates, coconut oil, sea salt, & almond milk) - $10.50

among so many other drinks to choose from, you can even add protein or cholorphyll ($3 each) to a juice as well to kick it up a notch.

I do not believe they sell alcoholic beverages to drink on site. I only saw some, mainly wine, for sale in their extensive retail section.

My Blue Najik latte


Food & Small Bites ($10-20)

The food selection at this cafe comes across as more "earthy" to me, with items such as:

  • Thunderstorm porridge - $16
  • Dynamite mushroom toast - $22
  • Pumpkin & tarragon rice cakes - $3/each

This cafe splits up their food service by serving breakfast items from 9-11am and the lunch items (mainly soups and salads) until 3pm.

They also have a variety of other miscellaneous items such as the beef & veggie pastie, which I got and absolutely loved, as well as the savory slice which was on special for $5. 

Their small snacks in the cooler section by the front till are UNBELIEVABLE. They have salads, wrapped dates, and a number of other items. Just absolutely excellent food here.

You can peak at their full menu via their website online here if you want to plan ahead!

The beef & veggie pastie with a carrot relish


Vegan, Veggie & other health-conscious options 

To no one's surprise, Harvest Cafe caters wildly to the vegan and dietary restrictive community with the majority of their menu items and snacks being vegan or gluten free. 


  • Pros:
    • Bubbly customer service
    • LOADS of healthy options & very dietary friendly
    • Lower price point than other cafes for food
    • Fantastic retail selection with local wines, vitamins, snack guides and more
  • Cons:
    • Not as cozy as some cafes


3. Larder - best for starting your morning on a positive note, work friendly 

Open Friday-Tuesday 7:30am-3:30pm

Located: 57A Vincent Street, Daylesford, Victoria

Seating & Atmosphere

Larder is one of the only cafes that I have been to that radiates the exact happy energy you hope to start your morning with.

Between the upbeat but not annoying music and the abstract art and scattered bright colors around the cafe, I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere right after I walked in the door. Once of my favourite parts were the colorful umbrellas they have hanging on the ceiling above some of the tables!

View from the back of the cafe

In the main cafe area, there are only around 4 or 5 tables, most sitting 4 or more people. There is also some window seating avaiable as well as outdoor street seating for those who want to enjoy the weather.

In the second portion of the cafe, there is a much larger range of seating, both window and tables. This section has less of the cafe feeling and is more like a sit down restaurant in my opinion with a much more structured seating chart.


Coffees & Other Drinks

Larder has a range of coffee and alcoholic drinks similar to the other cafe's in the area. This cafe has great coffee, some of my favorite in the area, and a big plus was that it came with some beautiful latte art.

I actually did not grab enough intel on the exact selection of cocktails and wine that this cafe offers but I know the price point is similar to other locations.

Some gorgeous latte art from the baristas!

Food & Small Bites ($15-$35) 

Larder is cafe in Daylesford with yet another impressive food menu, with a larger selection of options with both Mexican and Asian inspired dishes alongside some of the breakfast classics. 

They have unique dishes such as:

  • Huevos La Flamenca (2 eggs baked in a braise of tomato, chorizo, & potato) - $23
  • Asian fried tofu & noodle salad - $22
  • Buttermilk Hotcakes - $18

They also have some of the classic all day breakfast items such as eggs on toast, for a reasonable price which I love to see. 

Note: Larder does NOT allow any substitutions on their menu items

Vegan, Veggie & other health-conscious options 

Larder has loads of options for a variety of dietary restrictions, especially if you have a nut or diary allergy. You can make a number of the menu items vegetarian, but there doesn't seem to be as many good vegan options in comparison to other cafes in the area.


  • Pros:
    • fantastic coffee
    • this cafe supports local artists
    • best of both worlds with a cafe side & a more structured restaurant side
  • Cons:
    • less seating in the actual cafe area
    • NO substitutions on the menu

4. Cliffy's Emporium  - Best for a breakfast or brunch date, best cafe overall (in my opinion)

Open: Mon-Friday 7:30-3pm, Sat & Sun 8-3pm (kitchen closes @ 2:30pm)

Located: 30 Raglan St., Daylesford, Victoria

This is a cafe I visited on a rare Sunday morning when I wasn't working. Sunday's for the breakfast/cafe industry can be incredibly chaotic and thus I had prepared myself for a more rushed coffee but was I totally wrong....  Cliffy's was my personal favourite cafe out of the ones I visited and is a cafe i give a full 10/10 for everything.

Seating & Atmosphere

Note: I was sat in the entry way dining area, I later found out there was a 2nd inside dining area but I was unable to take a look while I visited, so, keep in mind this is just my experience in this first dining area.

This cafe would be the perfect place to have a brunch or breakfast date after your relaxing weekend in Daylesford or Hepburn Springs. The set up in the initial dining area provides a surprisingly intimate & cozy dining spot, with the majority of tables seating two people and the first dining area seating only about 20 in total.

The atmosphere was the definition of cozy with the heating at the perfect temperature and the noise volume low, even on a busy sunday. The walls were all completely filled up with a large variety of retail products, a plethra of flowers, and various knick-nacks contributing to the welcoming and cozy feeling.

One of my favorite parts were the herbs or ingredients hanging above the kitchen way. I'm unsure if these were actual ingredients the kitchen uses or if it was just for decoration but regardless, it adds such a warm feeling to the area.

There additionally is a massive outdoor seating area that can definitely sit larger parties as well as some undercover street side seating available for smaller parties.

Note: There is a second inside dining area I was unable to see that I believe can seat larger parties

Coffees & Other Drinks

This cafe serves exceptional coffee, using beans from Rosso Roasting Company. They charge the standard amount of the coffees, around $4.50 for a typical espresso drink.

Milk Offered: ​Full cream, Soy, Almond or Oat. 

Cliffy's does NOT offer skim or lactose free milk

The rest of the drink menu consists of a range of beers ($9-$14), wines ($13/glass, $55/bottle), and cocktails ($14-$20).

If you're after a soft drink, they do have big brands such as coca-cola which some cafe's in the area do not.

One of the cocktails they offer that I think looks fantastic is the breakfast martini (Campari, gin, orange marmalade) $20. This one is definitely on my list for when I go back.


Food & Small Bites ($19-$40)

Expect to spend a fair amount if you plan on dining here, the food prices are much higher than the other cafes in the area, averaging around $30/dish. In return you can expect high quality ingredients & the overall fantatsic tasting food that matches the pricing.  

Cliffy has a wide range of food items of their 16 item menu with a number of options that can be made veggie or vegan. They also offer gluten free for about half the menu options

If you're interested in grabbing a meal here (which I highly suggest) expect an upscale breakfast or brunch menu with a wide range of options from the classic Cliffy's benedict to a Japanese curry.

I ordered a Vego roll, which consisted of pumpkin, almond tarator, cheddar cheese & rocket and it was absolutely delicious, though the pumpkin might have been cut a bit thick. It was served with rosemary fries which were done perfectly. 

A vego roll with rosemary chips


Vegan, Veggie & other health-conscious options 

Overall, they offer a fair amount of gluten free options and many vegetarian options as well. They have a few vegan options, but nothing too crazy in that department. 


  • Pros:
    • Such a warm and welcoming environment and so cozy
    • Fantastic food & coffee
    • Relaxing & quiet even when busy
  • Cons
    • Much higher price point than many cafes


5. Wombat Hill House - Best for Pastries & Nature/Natural Light Seating

Open: Friday-Tuesday 9am-3:30pm

Location: Enter off Central Springs Road, Daylesford, Victoria


Seating & Atmosphere

The Wombat Hill House Cafe has some beautiful seating options, with a few tables indoors, some by the cozy fireplace and the majority outside in their greenhouse styled outdoor seating. I did visit in the winter so once the plants and vines come back to life in the summer, its sure to be even more beautiful.

Though there is definitely space for larger parties, I think there is room to seat 2-6 the most comfortably, but when in doubt, be sure to call and make a reservation!

The inside is welcoming from the moment you step in, complete with a delicious smell, something my partner wanted me to mention.

Something small that i loved was the beautifully written signs around the cafe as well. There really wasn't a "rough" part to this must-visit destination at all. The nature decorations on the wall, including some butterflies hanging from the ceiling over one of the larger tables, paired with the table numbers staked in small potted plants all add to this nature centered cafe.

An example of their cute "outdoor" seating

Coffees & Other Drinks

The coffees are again, pretty standard in both price and size (cup vs. mug) but come in these beautiful red matte cups (the small details matter!)

I found my coffee to taste almost a bit watery in comparison to some of the others from cafes but it was still delicious. 

Wombat Hill House also offers a number of wines all produced in the state of Victoria, as well as beers, ciders, and cocktails ranging ($7-$18)

Alternative milks Offered: Full cream, Skim, Soy, Almond, Oat

Food & Small Bites

As stated above, I highly recommend this cafe for their pastries & delicious treats. They bake 5 days a week at the Dairy Flat Farm, the location wheere they also make all of their sourdough bread! The quality truly shines through on these as they are absolutely fantastic.  

One notable thing about this particular cafe is that Alla Wolf-Tasker, a culinary genius from the area responsible for the awards behind the Lake House also found in Daylesford, supplies some of the produce used in the kitchen.

As stated on the Wombat Hill House website, the kitchen menu is seasonal and changes rather frequenty. However, the menu seems to feature some of the typical brunch food found in the cafes in the Daylesford.

Big breakfasts, and delicious avocado on sourdough as well as some more upscale classic foods like, proscuttio & roasted fig pizza, waygu burgers were found on the menu.

Vegan, Veggie & other health-conscious options 

Again, it's hard to say what exactly they will have as the menu changes, but the website also states they will always have some options that are vegetarian and vegan friendly. Including fresh sandwhiches if that is what you're feeling!


  • Pros:
    • Delicious Pastries
    • Surrounded by the beautiful wombat botanical gardens so you can have a quick walk before/after your meal!
    • Beautiful & relaxing atmosphere
    • Heated outside seating
  • Cons:
    • None to mention!


The Best Cafes in Daylesford: Summary

There are so many great options for coffee and food when visiting the Daylesford area. I am happy to share these five cafes & coffee shops to be my favorite during my time in the town.  You can see more photos of the discussed cafes on the Procaffinator Instagram here!

I hope you have a chance to visit one of them and enjoy the fantastic food and coffee during your holiday or stop through the area!

If you plan on staying in the area a while, check out these related articles for some ideas on things to do :)

  • Love chocolate? Be sure to check out the wildly popular Chocolate Mill
  • Check out 16 things to do in the city of Daylesford here!
  • Australia Good Food Guide's recommendations for dinners in Daylesford here!

As always, safe travels and happy procaffinating!

Do you have a favorite cafe in Daylesford? Drop it below!

How To Get Your Caffeine Kick On A Train Trip

How to get your caffeine kick on a train trip

Do you also sometimes wish you could just travel with a portable coffee machine, so you don’t have to miss out on your daily coffee intake while on the road? Well, I sure do. Unfortunately, I haven’t really found one that’s portable enough, so I had to find other alternatives.

Hi! I’m Lizet, and I’m a full-time traveller. Because of the environment, I choose to mainly travel by train. Because of the views, I keep doing that. And I teach other people about the joys of train travel and how to make it a fun way to travel. Let me tell you how I manage to still get my daily coffee doses on a train adventure.

On board coffee options

Like everything on the planet, trains keep developing and improving. Sure, this process goes a bit faster in some countries than others. In fact, quite a few countries receive old trains from other countries. So, it could take quite a few years for certain countries to receive the newest trains with the most recent luxury updates. However, this doesn’t always have to mean that the most modern trains are the best. Especially not when it comes to coffee.

Sometimes updates mean more seats, but not any additional services. So, for example, modern trains in The Netherlands hardly have any restaurant or coffee options, while older trains in the Czech Republic do. Both coffee carts and full restaurants on board are a thing, and you can easily check the local booking website if either of those will be on board. The biggest plus on restaurants on board, is that there’s an unlimited amount of coffee. For the real coffee addicts among us, this means you could get multiple cups during a long journey.

In my experience, the coffee cart often only comes by every once in a while, so I’ve never been able to get more than one cup from a coffee cart.


Train station coffee

No coffee service on board? No worries, most train stations will have plenty of coffee options. From Starbucks or other chain alternatives to cute local coffee places with speciality coffee, depending on where you are. The bigger the train station, the more choices you’ll have in your caffeine kick.

Are you starting from a teeny tiny train station? Then, unfortunately, your chances might be limited. I’ve noticed that small stations often either don’t have a coffee place at all, or one that’s locally run at whatever times they seem fit. Meaning, their opening hours might be very unreliable or limited (or both). In some of those cases, there will be a coffee place close-by. Just check Google Maps if that’s the case and take some extra time to pass by for your coffee.

If there’s no option anywhere around the train station, and there won’t be any service on board, you have 2 more options. One is to go to a bigger train station if there’s any close by and get your coffee there. (Yes, I have done this before) Or, of course, to bring your own.

Bring your own coffee

If you want to be a 100% sure you will get coffee, which is also up to your expectations of what a good coffee is supposed to taste like, the only option is to bring your own coffee. Unfortunately, many trains don’t have plugs, so bringing the machine really isn’t an option. 😉 But there are ways.

Although thermos seem to have gone out of fashion years ago, they’re still your best friend when it comes to bringing hot beverages. Just make a batch of coffee at home, put it in a thermos big enough to quench your thirst, and enjoy hot coffee on your train. Do make sure that it’s one of good quality. It can make the difference between cold coffee after two hours and still burning your mouth after 5 hours. Honestly, if you care a lot about your coffee and are on the go a lot, a thermos is the best investment you’ll ever make.

Don’t like old coffee? Meaning, coffee you made 3 hours ago. I get that. I like it fresh as well, nothing beats the smell of fresh coffee. Then there’s 1 last option. Bring your own coffee making set. And no, I still don’t mean a full-on coffee machine. There are tiny coffee filters that you can fold and put into your bag. Bring the right amount of coffee grind, that thermos with boiling hot water and a cup if it’s not on the thermos. And make your own, there and then.

People might look at you like you’re crazy. But if you care that much about your coffee, you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

So, now you can go on any long journey without running out of coffee. Enjoy your trip! 


Want to read more about of Lizet's travels? Check out her awesome website here!

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  • If you want to travel for some great coffee these 10 trip suggestions by Expedia may be for you!
  • Know your coffee order before traveling, learn about the most commonly ordered coffees here

Order Coffee In Australia Like a Pro (Read Before Traveling to Melbourne!)


The holy place of coffee culture in Australia.  

The place that is mentioned in any Australia tiktok video where someone is complaining about coffee or coffee snobs. 

The city where the baristas probably cry themselves to sleep every night because the coffee orders just get too excessive.  

The metropolis that is the ENTIRE reason I felt the need to write this blog post. 

Australian coffee culture is a HUUUGE thing, specifically in the arts & culture city that is Melbourne.  

I have discovered a lot about how to avoid the confusion of ordering a coffee while working as a barista near the beautiful city of Melbourne, SO in order to keep your barista’s sanity in tact, lets get straight into it.

THIS is how to order coffee in Australia like a professional

We will start off with the GOLDEN RULE of ordering a coffee

Do not order just a coffee, you need to order something specific!!!

Notice how many exclamation points I put? That means you need to follow this rule.

*Embarrassing Story Ahead* 

My first day arriving in Melbourne, was a very embarrassing one for me to say the least. 

As a coffee lover, when I am in need of something to do, I typically go to a café to grab a drink. 

The atmosphere is relaxing, it's something I’ve done 100 times, so I figured, since I was feeling a bit nervous after getting to a new country, why shouldn’t I grab a coffee?

What. Could. Go. Wrong.

I headed down to this cute café near the hostel I was staying at and looked down at the menu to see what to order. To preface this, in the states we usually have everything listed on the menu, so that’s what I was expecting to see.  

But NO, all this café had written on their menu under drinks, was the word “coffee”, nothing else.  

So naturally, as I was naive and probably jet lagged, I just ordered a coffee, expecting to get just a cup of black caffeine like you would in America.  

But no, the baristas were confused, like, extremely confused, and had no idea what I wanted. 

Naturally we ended up going back and forth with questions until the poor barista summarized that after  alllll the questioning, I had pretty much just ordered a latte *deep sigh* 

Speaking of lattes: Check out this Aussie's recipe for a great Pumpkin Spice Latte!

The whole experience was very embarrassing, especially as an American who tries and continuously fails to break the “American’s are stupid” stereotype. (Is anyone else like this or just me?) 

Hopefully with the breakdown of the following seven coffee orders, you will enter the Melbourne coffee culture with grace and hopefully not have any embarrassing moments like I did.  


#1: Ristretto 

We are starting off with the base of a Melbourne coffee order, a ristretto.

A ristretto, is extremely similar to an espresso shot, but is has a way more concentrated flavor to it (who knew that was even possible)  

When you pour or “pull” an espresso shot out a machine, the water runs through the coffee grounds for around 25-30 seconds, creating the espresso shot.  

With a ristretto, the water only runs through the coffee grounds for around 20 seconds.  

The less time the machine is ran, the less water goes through the grounds which creates this boulder and stronger tasting shot of coffee.

This shorter pour also creates a sweeter tasting and less caffeinated shot, which is why some people prefer it to the classic espresso shot. 

This ristretto shot is also the base for another classic Melbourne coffee drink, the Magic. 

P.S. If you want a more indepth comparison between an espresso shot and a ristretto shot, check out this blog post by Coffee Affection 


#2: Magic 

A Magic coffee is an EXTREMELY Melbourne coffee, you will probably only hear about this drink in the actual city or in the state of Victoria but not in too other many places, if any, in Australia. 

A magic is very similar to a latte when it comes to the amount of micro foam used but created with a double ristretto pour (see above if you didn’t read about what a ristretto is) and only filled ¾ of way up

This combination creates an extremely strong but sweeter tasting drink thanks to the use of the ristretto and because the coffee to milk ratio is much higher than a typical latte.   


#3: An Iced Coffee 

The way an iced coffee is made here in Australia was so strange to me when I first arrived, and honestly, I have a hard time considering it a coffee in general.  

An iced coffee in Australia is made with ice cream and sugar syrup in additon to the classic espresso and cold milk base. 

You will be essentially getting a non-blended version of a coffee milkshake when you order this one. 

This can change based on where you are or who your barista is, so its best to check with the barista to see what you will actually be receiving.  

If you’re looking for a non ice cream version of a iced coffee A.K.A the classic version in my opinion, be sure to order something along the following lines: 

  • Iced Latte: Single espresso shot & cold milk
  • Iced Long Black: Double espresso shot & cold water

#4: Muggaccino

A muggaccino.  

An order I think is entirely unnecessary and have come to the conclusion that primarily only the elderly use this term. 

This drink is just a cappuccino but you or the customer you're serving wants it in a mug instead of a normal ceramic cup.

That’s it.  

Apparently, it's too complicated to order the size separately so it has just been morphed into one word to make life "simpler."

Again, this isn't a drink I see ordered by too many people, but in case you see it on a menu or hear it from someone else, now you're covered. 


#5 Long Black 

A long black!  

The closest thing you will be receiving to a bulk brewed American style coffee. 

Similar to an americano but not quite, this drink consists of a double shot of espresso poured on top of hot water. 

This is the key difference between a long black and an americano.  

With an americano, the espresso is poured before the hot water.

When the espresso is poured after the hot water, such as with the long black, the crema stays intact creating a beautiful creamy looking coffee as opposed to a black or “coffee diner” looking coffee. 

If you want more details on the difference between the two, check out my other post on the most commonly ordered coffees 


#6: Piccolo 

Next up is the piccolo, another variation on the latte pretty much. Australians love their lattes. 

This drink is essentially a mini latte, cute right? 

The picollo is poured in a smaller glass cup, with a single shot of espresso and steamed milk.  

With this drink, you get a stronger espresso taste since the espressio to milk ratio is 1:2 instead of a 1:4 ratio like in a normal latte. 

After reading around a bit, I’ve seen that some places may use a ristretto shot for a piccolo instead of a normal espresso shot. So keep in mind depending on where you go, the taste may be different.


#7: Long & Short Macchiato 

I have touched on these two drinks as well in my previous post on coffees, but I have learned more since said post was published! 

These two drinks are definitely more on the “coffee connoisseur” end of things and consist of a single shot (short mac) or double shot (long mac) of espresso, foam, and a small amount of steamed milk.  

The defining feature of a good macchiato is the layering, it honestly looks fantastic when done correctly. (as seen in the stunning photo at the end of this section) 

Essentially you start with your espresso pour, either single or double shot, followed by taking a spoon and placing the micro foam from your streamed milk in the middle of the shot. 

In order to create the iconic layering effect, you then pour a small amount of steamed milk onto the foam/espresso combination, and ideally it will settle into three distinct layers

A trick to make sure the drink doesn’t mix together when you add the steamed milk is to use the back of a teaspoon. 

Place the teaspoon slightly over the surface of the macchiato, and pour the steamed milk over the back of the spoon. This just allows the milk to slowly flow into the drink, which allows it to layer much easier than if it was pourred in roughly. 

BTW, this goes for any drink that you want to layer, cocktails, shots, literally whatever, if you want to layer it, pour it over the back of a spoon!


The Conclusion of Your Melbourne & Australia Coffee Education 

I hope you found this quick guide to some of Melbourne’s and Australia’s iconic coffees helpful! Or at least helpful enough to avoid making the same mistakes as myself.  

Your future baristas will love and thank you for coming in all educated and prepared, trust me.  

Seeing as this post is about Australia and specifically Melbourne, here are some awesome events  to check out if you're in the area!

  • If you're looking to take a day trip and get away from the Melbourne crowds check out this list of the best day trips in Victoria 
  • Who doesn’t love a coffee shop tour? Check out this one by Walk Melbourne to visit 4 hand picked coffee shops 
  • This awesome Melbourne based blogger created a Melbourne Bucket List(with 55 things to do!!) if you're in the beautiful city, so be sure to check it out if you need something to fill your day!


That's all for today! Follow the Procaffinator Instagram to see some awesome latte art (or check out these other awesome Instagram's for some) and cafe reviews if you haven't already and Happy Procaffinating! 

10 Must Attend Coffee Events in the Milwaukee Area for 2023

If you’re are in the United States right now, summer is currently upon you!

Thus it is the time for festivals and events galore.

From food festivals to music festivals there’s something for everyone, including coffee lovers!

This blog post will dive into 10 coffee related events happening in Milwaukee, Madison, and Chicago for the summer and fall of 2023!

10 Coffee Events For 2023 Happening in Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago and Surrounding Areas:

Colectivo’s Back Room – Milwaukee – A Variety of Dates

Colectivo’s back room series is a fantastic idea. If youre not from the area, colectivo is a very well known coffee chain (don’t think Starbucks chain but more like a local place that has a few other locations).

They have a variety of delicious drinks and fantastic food at all locations, but that the prospect locust on in Milwaukee, they also have a cozy back room where local or up and coming musicians play! 

These mini concerts take place almost everyday, and would be perfect for a chill night out in the summer.  Be sure to check the website for specific dates and times and maybe you’ll find an artist that you love on the lineup!

Cars and coffee – Madison – A Variety of Dates

Similar to Colectivo’s back room events, cars & coffee is a reoccuring event throughout the entire year taking place every Sunday in Madison. This event also occurs in a number of cities so if you’re not located in Madison but won’t to go, head to the website here and see if there’s one closer to you.

Cars & Coffee is an event that would perfect for (obviously) those who love cars and want to meet new people. According to a Reddit post, when the weather is nice and during the busier times, the event can bring in even 200 cars.

Additionally, the main meeting point in Madison is at a Barriques coffee shop, which is a go to coffee shop for many people. 

Get roasted: Brew and Brunch – Chicago – June 4th

If you’re going to pick an event of this list to be boujee with… this is the one. This is event is full on! Complete with a DJ and everything.

You can get the in-depth in’s and out’s of the event here but you will be immersing yourself into the world of speciality coffee with owners of Big Shoulders Coffee guiding you along your boujee journey.

Additionally, you will be leaving with a bag of Big Shoulders Coffee to make at home, and you’ll be getting brunch AND beer! If you’re from the Midwest (especially Wisconsin) the presence of beer in this kind of event makes total sense.

Latte Art Class – Chicago – June 16th 

If you’ve dreamed about creating latte art similar to the ones you see on Instagram (like these ones here) check out this latte art class. You’ll learn all the basics such as how to steam milk correctly and you’re able to drink all of your beautiful creations at the end!

DIY coffee table – Waukesha – June 17

Perfect for your own home or someone else’s, you can make your own coffee table at this workshop by Fisk Avenue. We all know that a quality wood table is hard to come by, so you’re pretty much guaranteed to have something special by the end of class.

Sign up through eventbrite here

BONUS: if you want a (not so) classy summer themed coffee cup to put on your new coffee table, check this one out! 

Coffee cup making class – Madison – July 8th

If you’ve read my previous post on animal coffee cups (if not check it out here!) I love an adorable coffee mug. It just adds another positive thing to start your day with and who doesn’t need that.

With a 3 hr coffee cup making course, located in Madison, you can create your own! After a mildly scarring experience creating an extremely questionable mug for my dad when I was younger, I have accepted I do not have the artistic abilities to create something I want to drink out of, but YOU might.

All the juicy details are here!

If the price tag (around $89) is a bit steep for you, check out Fired Up Pottery in Madison. They create the pottery and all you have to do is paint away!

Coffee break festival –

Stoughton – Aug 19

If you love coffee and your friends or family don’t – GO HERE. I struggle to say it’s a coffee festival since there is so much going on!

The main coffee event is a coffee brew off (so if you’re a killer coffee maker – enter! Bring pride to your family name) but they also have another car show, arts and crafts, tons of food and more to keep everyone happy.

Check out the website here for more details!

Cafè Con Arte – Milwaukee – September 8

Coffee… art… AND CHURROS. Even though this blog is a loud coffee… I think the main reason to visit this event is the churros let’s be honest.

Joking aside, cafè con arte at Latino Arts, INC in Milwaukee is having an art showing where you can stroll and look at the exhibits while enjoying a churro and a cup of coffee.

The event takes place in the morning, ending at 10:30 am, and honestly can you imagine a better start to your day?

Barista league – Milwaukee – October 21

Located in Milwaukee, this is an event I’m extremely excited to attend this year!  Unlike the other events on this list, the barista league is a competition where you can see baristas compete on who can do the best latte art.

According to the website it also might have a kick-ass party so you can get caffeinated during the day to stay up and party later!

In the future:

As I’m writing this in late May, some awesome events have already gone by! So keep out for these awesome events in 2024!

Coffee and Donut Fest Milwaukee:

I’m so sad I didn’t know about this. I honestly don’t think you can top a festival like this. Coffee and donuts are a pair for the ages and you essentially go around sampling both during this festival.

If you’re interested in becoming a VID (very important donut) you will receive 12 sampling tickets, an extra hour of sampling, a coffee mug and more! Check out the website for the 2023 event here to prepare for next year!

Savor the Flavor: A Mini Taste Test of Cafe Vivaldi's Menu in Tamworth

Located on 390 Peel Street In Tamworth, NSW is Cafe Vivaldi, a café with a promising history of reviews. 

My boyfriend and I visited this cafe as we were driving through the area one day and got hungry. Unfortunately, when we arrived to the cafe, the kitchen was already closing but the manger was nice enough to have them cook up some burgers for us last minute.

The dining room look quite large from the front and consists of a number of wooden tables and chairs towards the back, creating a cozy atmosphere easily.

Because they had already started closing the dining area when we arrived, we opted to sit outside at the street dining.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of the outdoor seatings as the tables were placed on a decently busy street with cars parked pretty close by, but the provided heaters and umbrellas helped create a more relaxing and cozy atmosphere.

We ordered the spicy veggie burger and one of the veggie halloumi burger and as meat eaters usually, the burgers were surprisingly great!

Both came with a fried chickpea burger base along with the base veggies of lettuce, avocado, tomato, onions and of course a some delicious sauces and a side of chips.

I would add a delicious, mouth watering, photo of our food at this point but unfortunately my food photography skills were extremely lacking so all I can offer is this attempt at a photo of my burger.

Accompanying these burgers was a flat white for me, unfortunately with no latte art but still equally as delicious. We also saw these gorgeous teapots left on a table next to us, so if you’re a tea drinker, you’re in for a treat! 


Overall Cafe Vivaldi is a great stop if you’re in Tamworth, having opened in 1997 they are clearly the pick of the locals. The staff was extremely welcoming and accommodating especially with us coming so close to when the kitchen closed for the afternoon.

If you don’t want to jump abroad the vegetarian train like us, they have an extensive menu spanning breakfast and lunch along with an equally impressive specials board so you are sure to find something you’re craving.

You can also check out their website here for some actually mouthwatering photos of the food, and for anymore information!

Coffee Lovers Rejoice: Gunnedah's Must-Try Outdoor Coffee Shop

I got the pleasure of visiting Campground coffee, one the coffee shops most recommended to me thus far, and it did not disappoint in the slightest. Located on the corner of Barber and Tempest Street, this small cafe boasts outdoor seating, fresh pastries and surprisingly, a number of retro clothing items available for sale in shops, and even more items (even rugs!) on the website.

The staff were immediately welcoming as I struggled to wake my non-caffeinated brain up when finding the till, I ordered my typical flat white, though I am also finding that considering I am writing a coffee blog I should probably start switching it up a little bit, and a lemon & dill bagel.

If you love places that supply their own bread and pastries, this would be a great stop for you.

The coffee shop shares a kitchen with Reverence Sourdough, a local bakery who provides them delicious looking treats and loaves of bread. They have a number of pastries out front on display and right on the counter, adding a rustic touch that I loved. They also had plenty of vegan and gluten free options as well for all my people with a restricted diet out there.

The coffee itself was fantastic, coming out with beautiful latte art, a first for me in Gunnedah, and had a bit more of an espresso flavor to it than some of the other coffee I’ve had, which was not an unwelcome addition.

The cup additionally was a decently large size, giving it a good bang for your buck! which is always important especially when backpacking / being on a budget.

Moving into the food, the lemon and dill bagel held up its end of the bargain as well. The bagel itself was made beautifully by Reverence, as it was perfectly crunchy and fluffy at the same time.

These bagels would definitely be in my kitchen back home if it was possible! Unfortunately, I didn’t feel the same way about the cream cheese. The dill and lemon part was fantastic, I honestly think you can’t go wrong with dill, I’ve put absurd quantities on my own bagels and it still wasn’t too much.

My main issue with was with the cream cheese itself as I found it to be a bit grainy or gritty rather than  smooth and creamy texture. I am assuming it is also homemade, maybe with a different base than normal cream cheese? Overall, the bagel was still enjoyable alongside my coffee.


With this cafe I feel like you can’t really go wrong by visiting, even if you’re the same same as me when it comes to loving a creamy bagel, Campgrounds has a decently sized food menu along with a large number of pastries as mentioned so the odds of you finding something delicious are high. Additionally, the customer service and coffee making skills are top notch. Just don’t come unprepared like me and not dress for the weather as the seating is outdoors and we’re headed into winter here in Australia so it has gotten a bit chilly!


Coffee & Food ordered: a flat white with a lemon & dill Bagel

Paid: A$17.50

Time spent: around 30-45 minutes


Bonus: If you love the outdoors, check out this camping themed coffee brand!

5 Beautiful Starbucks To Add To Your US Bucket List

Even if you’re not the biggest Starbucks fan like me, these 5 beautiful Starbucks locations in the United States are worthy of anyone’s road-trip stops.

#1: Ketchum Idaho - 491 Sun Valley Rd, Ketchum, ID

This Idaho Starbucks is #1 on my list because the outside is unlike any other location! The massive logs framing the building in the front immediately give off the cozy cabin feeling (especially when lit up with fairy lights!) which honestly is really what we all want out of a coffee shop.

The store has beautiful mountain views as well, and is extremely praised by hundreds of people who have visited.

This Starbucks looks right out of a hallmark movie during winter, and is mentioned as one of the top Starbucks to visit in the WORLD on many lists definitely making it worth a visit.


#2 Austin, Texas- 301 W 3rd Street, Austin, TX

This is a Starbucks that is filled with character, designed to represent the huge music industry in Austin, Texas.

You can find local artwork, microphone chandeliers, and other musical instruments implemented throughout the space (even speakers integrated into the ceilings!).

The reviews boast of friendly and caring baristas and an extremely comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. A perfect stop if you’re in town for any of their many music festivals and need a pick me up or hangover cure.




#3: The First ASL signing Starbucks- 625 H St NE B, Washington, DC

This Starbucks I initially loved for the eye mural located inside, BUT what makes it worthy of a top 5 list is the fact that is it the first American Sign Language (ASL) Starbucks in the US!

The employees are required to know ASL in order to cater to a wider customer base that is fully inclusive.

Even the gorgeous mural and coffee cup art have been created by deaf artists, Yogiao Wang and Jena Floyd, respectively. So if you are fancying a coffee and want to support inclusivity by learning their sign of the day, this is a great stop!


#4 Blaine Washington

Lighthouse- 530 Peace Portal Dr, Blaine, WA

This is probably one of the cutest Starbucks I came across in my research, it truly has it all.

Located near the US-Canada border (aka a perfect stop for an international roadtrip) this Starbucks is modeled after a historic lighthouse, and not only has an outdoor fireplace but also a stunning spiral staircase going up towards the top of the lighthouse.

Although the lighthouse itself is not open to the public to my knowledge, this Starbucks seems the perfect location to relax and cozy up while enjoying some views of Blaine harbor.

#5 Starbucks Reserve Roasteries (NYC and Chicago)

- 61 9th Ave, New York, NY & 646 Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL              


Two final additions to the list that I am grouping into one spot are two of the SIX reserve roasteries (roasters?) located in the world. There is another located in Seattle, but since one Washington location is on this list already. we will focus on the other two.

One of these roasteries is located in beautiful Chicago on the magnificent mile, while the other is located in New York City.

Stopping at one of these, or both, locations will let you dive deeper into Starbucks beverages, as they are a major step beyond the Starbucks you are familiar with. So even if you’re not a fan of your neighborhood Starbucks, still swing by as you might change your mind.

These gorgeous buildings are absolutely massive (we’re talking 23,000 square feet in NYC!) and from experience I know the one in Chicago has an escalator taking you from floor to floor, where each floor has a different drink theme or purpose. This location boasts four different drink menus in total, one for each floor.

At both locations you can book private tours of the roastery itself to see how this famous coffee is made, as well as booking tastings to learn about espresso and different brewing methods.

There are many more fun things that these locations have to offer so I urge you visit these locations in person to get the full experience!

Honorable Mentions:

#6 French Quarter Apothecary

I unfortunately wrote this recommendation before realizing this location had closed due to safety concerns, but regardless it deserves a spot on the list due to its magnificence.

Similar to the other Starbucks on this list, this location in iconic New Orleans, Louisiana, is filled with art and character, even more than I initially thought.

This location in the French quarter features sculptures on the ceilings by local artist, David Borgerding, as well as murals, community tables, and a number of vintage additions that tie into New Orleans history.

Honestly, it seems there’s so much that goes into this Starbucks location that genuinely you had to see for yourself.

#7 Griffith Observatory- 2720 Griffith Park Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

Griffith observatory is a fantastic trip on its own if you’re in LA, though be prepared to fight over your parking spot as it gets crazy busy!But this Starbucks is a must stop at if you love the coffee shop chain and also are a fan of astronomy.

A massive constellation mural fills one of the main walls, making it the perfect spot for taking photos with your new Griffith Observatory Starbucks cup.